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  1. You'll get better(clean) tone if you drop the pickups about 1/4" (or more) below the pickups, unless you are in to overdriving the tone. If it's not loud enough, turn the volume control on the amp. On most of my hb equipped guitars the pickups are barely above the rings, just enough to balance them to each other.
  2. That is clearly not a rotary cut veneer top.
  3. The cuts are a little different than the traditional dc LP's.
  4. Theoretically. I have seen dog ear pu with mounting tabs on the base plate, which soap bars don't have.
  5. Rather than sanding through the shielding paint, slice a bit off with a sharp chisel, razor knife, or single edge razor.
  6. Haha, that was the first electric my parents bought me when I was 10!
  7. I suggest you start with all your tone knobs at 0. Then, with guitar in hand and plugged in with amp warmed up, start dialing in the treble, mid, and bass until you like it.
  8. You say the buzz is driving you nuts? Do you like the tone from the P90's? One suggestion is to get a good quality noise gate. Properly adjusted, they zero out the hum, and do *not* affect the tone or sustain to any noticeable level. I have been using an ISP Decimator with my 56GTRI for several years. As far as mini-hums, I think just about any of the aftermarket pu builders would be fine, but why not go with Gibson originals? Or, to throw in another suggestion, how about Firebird pu's? They are the same size as mini's, but are constructed a little differently, and having a little different tone.
  9. Have you tried turning the amp down, and the guitar up? When you "open up" the volume pot on the guitar, you get the full tone of the pick up. Rolling off the volume can have the effect of softening(muddy) the tone. Also, since you have P90 pu's, try raising or lowering the string poles in relation to the string. Closer= overdriving the sound, lower= cleaner tones.
  10. Yes, the graphite in pencils works fine. It's also the ideal shape to get it in to the slots too. If the string still binds after the graphite, you need to open the slot a little.
  11. Goldie


    'Tis easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission.
  12. Probably not a goof, and you can turn them one way or the other to get an extra 1/4" of adjustment.
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