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  2. Humidity is currently around 40%.
  3. Google "Gibson static" and you will see a lot of posts, etc. talking about the problem. There are even videos on YouTube, however none of them have the problem as bad as I have. I brought my 2017 Classic to a guitar tech a few months ago. Tech never heard of it and was shocked. Then he pulled 3 new gibsons off the wall (Explorer, Studio, SG) and they ALL had it, just not as pronounced as mine.
  4. Not environmental. I had a previous guitar to multiple techs. As well, none of my other guitars acted that way. The back of the back plates are sprayed as well. It was done at a reputable shop and they say they only sprayed the guitar. It was on the receipt as "shielding" for 30 bucks (which was covered by warranty). I don't, I just know that it's a silver paint.
  5. Totally agree that personal preference plays a role. I’m looking for anecdotal evidence of why you would like one over the other. If everyone said, for example, that the HOF algorithm sounded really digital whereas the MXR sounded more organic, then I would tend towards the MRX vice the TC.
  6. Reverb shopping. Let me know what you think :)
  7. I have a headstock that had scratches and was buffed out (i.e. 6000 grit sand paper and polishing compound). The result was great, but of course as we all know the thin finish is now thinner. After having a setup there were accidentally scratches added again (couple which you can feel with your fingernail). Looking to have them removed again, but know at that point the nitro will be paper thin. I’m looking at a respray (by a luthier). How well will a spray of nitro take to the already cured headstock?
  8. That’s a good question... maybe someone likes the static and is offended by attempts to get rid of it? Either way, the guitar sounds great now. The 59 Tributes just sing. Be nice to see them released again, but in the meantime I’d recommend grabbing them if you see them.
  9. Yes, of course. They sprayed the control and pickup selector switch cavity. They didn't spray either pickup cavity. I was shocked at how nonchalant the guy was. I took it to other techs who were perplexed. For this guy it was like I was asking for a restring. I've scoured the net looking for a solution. In my case this is a real game changer. It begs the question, however, as to why this wasn't done at the factory.
  10. Many of you will recall a post saying that I was done with Gibson as I had a 2017 Classic with a lot of static cracks and pops. I took it to a number of techs and they couldn't figure it out (without charging me for "trying things"). A number of people here were nice enough to offer solutions, however I didn't want to try anything that was not reversible without knowing for sure it would work. When I called Gibson, they said to simply rub dryer sheets over the guitar. When I told them that it would work... but only for a couple of minutes. They said again to rub dryer sheets over the guitar and that Les Paul himself carried dryer sheets with him on gigs. So I sold it. Then I found an amazing 2015 Les Paul Trad Japan Ltd that had a magical neck. I ordered it and brought it home. Sounded amazing, played amazing... but... static! Luckily, since this guitar was under warranty, I was able to bring it in to have a service call (and a setup). They simply sprayed the guitar with shielding paint and the static was all but gone (80% gone, now has a tiny bit of static, like all my other guitars). I run a JVM with fairly high gain, which makes the problem of static much more prominent. I can only assume that the problem is fairly common, but goes unnoticeable by those who use no or low gain. For those who do fight with this problem, this is the solution that has worked for me. Let me know if this helps!
  11. Thanks guys. I've done my homework and have decided to get the Gibson Deluxe tuners. They are a direct fit. Having the tech from my guitar shop install them (for free) to keep the warrenty in tact.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but I already picked up the amber tip. Besides tuners (and polishing the headstock) that's the only mod I'm going to make. Cheers
  13. Cool, I didn't know that. I assumed they were amber stock. So just the switch-tips darkened, but not the pickup rings?
  14. Decision made. Going with the Gibson Deluxe in chrome. Cheers.
  15. Wondering if anyone has experience with the Schallers in person. Besides the "S" in place of "Gibson", do they look any different from the Gibson Deluxe tuners?
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