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  1. I got a '68 Gibson Dove two months ago - similarly over the moon with the sound and feel and also was stock without pickup. Came to the conclusion that whatever I was going to do I'd need to have the end pin reamed out for a socket, so looked for the least impact after that but wanting as natural a sound as possible. Was a little more limited as the '68 Dove still has an adjustable bridge so you can't put a piezo in, but to be honest I don't like piezo's much anyway. After much research (including trying things like a Fishman Rare Earth blend, which only sounded good to me blended all mic) I ended up with a K&K pure mini transducer. The K&Ks just require a little bit of glue to stick them underneath the bridge, so pretty non-intrusive. I figured I could always upgrade the K&K with the mic they supply at a later point. As it turns out I'm really happy with the sound straight off the bat. It does sound like the Dove which was the aim - though I would say whatever you do get a decent external pre-amp. I'd been using a Fishman Aura Spectrum with my Martin (which does have a piezo) but this works well with the K&K just using the EQ and not the body images. As a bonus if I want a bit more body there are a couple of Guild images of similar maple sided guitars that actually work really well. Obviously plenty of other options out there, but this one works for me.
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