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  1. ooh, i do see that shadow or most likely a marker on the headstock now looking back at the pictures. i'll make sure to check it out the next time i see it in a week.
  2. Haha, I'm not trying to sell it. I have a friend/guitar student that I'm trying to help out. His father purchased this guitar for him in the 80s and it's since then, basically been in and out of storage. I do think it is a Fujigen 175 after some research help from Reverb! Now I'm trying to get an actual year on it. I really do appreciate you all helping me out. Definitely would appreciate any good info/links on Fujigen if you got it. I have a Gibby 335 and can tell this ain't a Gibby just from holding it, but it is an awesome guitar. I can tell that even knowing it needs new frets. I hope he sells it to me! But sounds like they can be pricey... I'm more into the $300 Kay guitars with my budget, haha! I did take those pictures when he came by with the guitar and definitely didn't notice any work on the headstock. But, now I would look twice as hard! Anywhere else I should look for clues? Chill out on the photoshop... I'm not trying to sell this to your little sister, I'm just looking for info.
  3. I'm really hoping this amazing forum can help me out! Please see pictures attached. There is not a serial number anywhere on or in the guitar. All I know is that it was purchased in the 80s. Not sure if it was purchased new, or used. Also wondering if it's a fake since it has the logo, but not the "Gibson" name on it... Thanks!
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