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  1. Here's a picture of what's inside the cavity:
  2. I may be totally wrong here but my understanding is that only the Goldtop '57 is an R7 just as the Wrap bridge goldtop is an R4. The Customs are not R4s or R7s but rather a Historic 1954 (or 57) Black Beauty Custom reissue with the cavity stamp numbers being reserved for the Goldtops and 'Bursts.
  3. I just bought the guitar for 1500 USD. I guess im pretty lucky
  4. Just recieved an email from Gibson Customer Service:
  5. This is the Historic logo on it's original hardcase:
  6. These are pictures of the checklist card:
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have contacted them via email, but zero answer :( Yes, indeed. I have never seen such a guitar like this.
  8. Hi guys! My name is Andreas from Geneve, Switzerland. Just joined this forum. Greetings to all of you! 🍻 I have a little problem, i hope you guys can help me. I just saw a beautiful Les Paul with Red Sparkle finish. The tick card says it's a Les Paul Custom Historic, but unfortunately it doesnt say anything about the production year. The serial number is 7 9030. What im eager to know is, is that a '99 production Les Paul or a 2009? I spent days googling here and there trying to find something like this particular guitar, and i couldn't find anything. I would like to know whether the color of the guitar can be considered "original" form that year of production or not? (1999 or 2009)? When i opened the wiring cavity, i coundt find a "R7" stamped on it's body. So it must be a non R7 les paul although the serial number starts with a "7". From what i read, there are two types of Historic gibsons, for a 1967 reissue for example, one that is considered the R7 (gold top and black beauty) and the other is the Historic 1957. Is that true? Hope you guys can help me. Thank you so much.. Gibson Rocks!!
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