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  1. I agree. They were once THE standard. They could be again with a new/old game plan. Get back to the basics?
  2. It seems gassing for a Gibson these days is becoming a pretty traumatic experience. Poor elites.
  3. Good tips. Yeah I'll definitely mark the magnet if I do it. Good luck to you islanders. Hopefully it doesn't get worse.
  4. Actually, I always knew the switch was there but never really bothered with it. I'd always left it in the factory pentode setting. Tonight I got curious and did an A/B. I'm glad I did. To make it a fair fight I adjusted the master volume between switches to keep the levels pretty much the same. What I got is that the triode mode is sweet and pretty good for fingerpicking and strumming. It's a great yang to the pentode yin in my amp, which is punchy and dry. Both great sounds. If you've got a pent/tri switch on your amp you might want to check out the tri mode.
  5. I guess if you get thicker sound I'll pass on doing it. Have either of you guys tried the Peter Green mod (reversing one of the magnets)?
  6. I've been thinking about trying it. Supposedly you get a brighter and more open sound. I'm wondering if anyone here has done it and liked the results.
  7. Wow I thought the humidity was bad here in south Louisiana, but you've got that beat by a long shot. Hopefully you're not having to contend with threats from Kilauea too. That's got to be scary for the folks on the big island.
  8. I get you. To me the guitar tuning/intonation thing is all sort of a compromise. The builders figured it out a long time ago and you get what we've got today. I think it's like that with most instruments. None of them are perfect. In a way it's a good thing. Instruments are imperfect and that's perfect for humans.
  9. You can't let them push you around. You must be Master Of Your Domain .
  10. You're right, but I don't know that it's really something I've ever noticed. I looked at my ELP bridge closely, and yeah, the bass strings are not a perfect 90 degrees to the notches. But I don't think I'd feel much of a difference in string spacing if I moved the intonation. I might, but I'd get used to it pretty quickly and not think of it after. I've never seen 1/8" movement in string spacing from moving the intonators. That almost sounds like something is wrong.
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