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  1. Can you describe the difference of your graph tech nut? I do have a titan nut that came from Gibson as a replacement, but at the moment I find no need to replace the stock brass nut as it looks so nice.
  2. I've seen a video about the Deluxe 2015 with mini Humbucker and Booster. I liked that sound of that guitar and purchased one. I must say, excellent craftsmanship, all details very nicely made not to say, a great sound on my Marshall amp. I like the g-force system, as I can down tune quickly for a new song, or just control if the guitar is still in tune. I've bought a G-force for my Gibson SG as I like it so much. Now two guitars with quick tuning system. I'm still wondering why many don't like these guitars? Is there a reason, as these mini Humbuckers sound so great and strong, especially when played loud.
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