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  1. Nice job. I saw John Prine on Saturday night! He played that on a Martin D28. He also played a J200 on some of the louder, strummy songs.
  2. Song is pretty good but the guitar sounds out of tune to me.
  3. If you're smart, you'll sell your motorcycle and buy another guitar!
  4. I've never been sure what that even means or if Paul knows what that means. Inspired Paul......... Father McKenzie Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave No one was saved
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the tuners on my J45TV either. A little too loose.
  6. I said that for a guy who has so many beautiful guitars, why does he need GE Smith to play them for him? That was deleted. So I tested the waters again and said his collection is proof that actors are overrated. You be the judge. Were those comments out of line? I would argue that the mods deleting them was out of line. Hopefully this post won't be deleted too...........
  7. Your comment was funny. But why did the mods delete my Richard Gere comments? Did I miss the memo that he's an untouchable demi-god?
  8. Why is it okay to make fun of GE Smith but my Gere comments keep getting deleted?
  9. The moral of this story: actors are overpaid.
  10. If you own all those nice guitars, shouldn't you be the one who actually plays them instead of bringing in a famous guitar player to show them off for you?
  11. There's a lot of propaganda out there which insists Martins are the best. The Cadillac of acoustic guitars, etc., etc. It takes some people time to learn to think for themselves on the issue .
  12. Last week I got a private message from a user on my first day there. Subject: "What's your problem?". Why are they so serious??
  13. Okay, you win. I wish to strike "muddy" from the record. Muffled?
  14. Of course the stereotype about Gibson from the haters is that they aren't clear, they're muddy. Which model do you think most contradicts this idea?
  15. I found a better bio. It also notes that he likely suffered from some type of mental illness. http://www.siminoff.net/pages/gibson_background.html
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