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    I am a fragile and tender woman who needs a strong and reliable, SEXsexual partner.

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Seahawk

  2. I can sweat pipe like nobodys brother (union plumber for over 30+) but electronics scare me. my hands aren't as steady and my eyesight well lets say if ya know who Mr. Magoo is you know what my eyesight is like. I've owned guitars for 43 years now starting with a hondo or seville (i can't remember) flying V copy. I typically took them in for repairs / pickup swaps. This is my first Les Paul (was an Ibanez RG, Jackson Soloist, Charvel model 6 kinda guy) and I love it
  3. So, purchased a 2018 Tribute back in May and recently it has been cutting out (sounds like a guitar cord plugged into the amp while touching the other end with your hand). I replaced the cord, tried a different amp head and other guitars to narrow it down to the output jack. I contacted Jon in customer service via email and BAM! A new jack with the quick connection attached was sent out. Awesome service! Also with the PCB board no soldering involved (my first Les paul to scared to try) Thank you Gibson support Jeff
  4. To OP Cheap Trick Tribute Band ???
  5. So looking at Les Pauls (have a 2018 tribute, my first and only, so far,) ) and was wondering why is the pickup called a P90?? yup googled it, wikipedia, duncans website and not a real explanation as why the name?? Thanks Jeff
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