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  1. ya i now half regret putting on the emg's the blackouts sound like they are more gainy and less muddy. also so far it looks like a 800 is best. this is a good mod page http://www.tone-lizard.com/Ultimate_JCM800.htm
  2. hi, the title basically sums it up, but i have a sg with emg 81/85 and like 80's metal (Rhandy Rhoads is my favorite metal guitarist), clasic rock, and rock?
  3. hi. i am wondering what fuzz pedal is right for me. i like black sabbaths fuzz sound alot. what pedal would sound like them, but be a bit more hard core. ;)
  4. H i am wondering if i should go up to 12's from 11's. please tell me the pros and the cons. thank you
  5. a hot plate is a thing that you can crank the volume and keep the volume down with the cranked sound! i've never played through one though.
  6. this is kind of random but i once played a real 58 lespaul!
  7. kjr

    tuning problems

    ill try the big bends... also i herd they came up with these um... locking tuners.
  8. kjr


    I LIKE THE 10S
  9. if ya like kerry king, u might want to check this out (u might have to rout, drill, ect) http://www.emgpickups.com/products/index/183 emgs make sg's sound great! so... standard with emg's.
  10. kjr

    tuning problems

    i could find a man made ivory nut, heres the link http://www.graphtech.com/products.html?SubCategoryID=4 the link
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