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  1. Now with Super Distortions. I think this is it, I dont think it can be improved any more.
  2. An updated pic of my 05 Faded Standard, covered Burstbuckers, reflector knobs, Faber ABR bridge.
  3. Geez, this Club was like 8 pages back! We cant have that! 04 Faded Special Just got this 05 Faded Standard And just for shits n giggles, my 02 Faded V
  4. I'm guessing it's a good one, cuz thats all natural playwear. Whoever had it before me musta played the heck out of it. I've only had it a few days, it's in town getting a frett dressing and setup. What little I did play it, its sounded real good.
  5. My newest toy, 04 Faded Special, naturally worn playwear.
  6. My 50's Tribute Studio.
  7. I'm diggin it, not sold on the P90's tho. Love the tone, hate the noise. Thinking I may try some mini's.
  8. My Honeyburst 50's Tribute Studio:
  9. Ain't you got a yella gitfiddle now too?
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