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  1. Looks like she put on a bit of weight. Those tight pants don't do her any good. But she sure can sing.
  2. Now with Super Distortions. I think this is it, I dont think it can be improved any more.
  3. My 07 Standard is awesome, better than my 05 Faded Standard. Truth be told, my 04 Faded Special is better than both Standards. Love all three.
  4. That looks like a solid repair to me. The price is actually not bad, considering what these old V's are going for, plus its a Tobaccoburst, which in itself fairly rare. The thing is, does it feel good to you? Sound good to you? Make sure the neck isnt twisted. For that money, if all is well with feel and sound, go for it. I would.
  5. An updated pic of my 05 Faded Standard, covered Burstbuckers, reflector knobs, Faber ABR bridge.
  6. veeman


    Updated pic, covered Burstbuckers, Faber ABR bridge, reflector knobs.
  7. If you like the way it sounds now, dont change it. I usually do the same things, but this last LP, a Faded Standard, I'm leaving alone. For now.
  8. I had a tobaccoburst back in the day, mine was a 90. Great sounding guitar but had a slight twist in the neck.
  9. I would like to clearify my dislike for Zepplin. It's not the music I dont care for, its the voice. I just dont like Plants voice, so I don't really know how good Page is one way or another. Same with Ozzy, dont like his voice, so never could get into Sabbeth. If the voice isn't there, the music isn't there. Understand? I wasn't trying to raise trouble, just was wondering why everyone likes Page so much.
  10. Geez, this Club was like 8 pages back! We cant have that! 04 Faded Special Just got this 05 Faded Standard And just for shits n giggles, my 02 Faded V
  11. Just remembered, Dave Meniketti, of Y&T
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