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  1. No way to afford it, at least so far, but it was for me a great turn in doble cut designs searched by Gibson from many years, that´s way my comments about this model. Anyway it is evident that business are business and only money talks here..... Thanks Andy
  2. I noted (just by looking at Gibson web site) that they removed the gorgeous special double cut from Custom collection. I believed this model was a sale success, it is evident that not.....saddly, this was my dream lately..... Somebody else has any news about? Thanks Andy
  3. Sorry Brian, how do you get the COA online?, is there any place where to download? I would appreciate your input. Thanks Andy
  4. Beautiful guitar but so expensive in comparison with other Gibsons. It was always a mystery for me, since Johnny A. is not a so popular artist. BR Andy
  5. So beautiful with the pickguard, I like her now more than naked.... BR Andy
  6. Thanks for clarifying the point. It seems that Anna sent the message to everybody..... Andy
  7. Duesenberg has a vibrato which is easily to install on the Gibson tail piece and it is less invasive than the Bigsby. https://store.duesenberg.de/en/hardware/tremolos/34/duesenberg-les-trem-ii the name is Les Trem II, it should be an interesting alternative. Good luck. Andy
  8. The most beautiful issued in the last years.... Andy
  9. There is another material called Rocklite, I think is made in UK. https://www.rocklite.co.uk From the website and taking a look to the pictures and specs it seems more appropiated material than Richlite, I think. It should be a good alternative for not expensive guitars..... Andy
  10. My 2004 DOT reissue, with gold hardware. Beautiful all prupose machine..... BR Andy
  11. I found this interesting video about unpotted PAF pickups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOhkQK75edc it seems that the original PAF were unpotted...... BR Andy
  12. Thanks Rabs, should be permitted the Bolivian for export purposes, but not the Indian rosewood probably. Andy
  13. what is the wood they use for the fingerboard for export? Somebody knows about? thanks Andy
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