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  1. Today I noted that Gibson put this beauty in the Custom line again, good Gibson!!!, Excelent!! Andy
  2. Interesting, this picture sure is before 1963, and the the pickguard is similar to the "Batwing" type one......
  3. The count for today in my country (Argentina) is 301 with 4 deaths, but the tests are made only for one medical center in Buenos Aires. This week 19 new hospitals in several other provinces will be able to check the virus in blood, so probably the numbers will rise. We have a mandatory quarantine since last Thursday until end of March, but the government is thinking into extend it since the expectations is to have the pick of the cases by middle of April. My prays are with all the people that suffer the illness and with the medical, nurses and janitorial teams that are taking care of them around the world. BR to everyone Andy
  4. Congrats!! I bouhgt my one in worn cherry last month and it is really a great guitar. Enjoy it!! Andy
  5. Absolutely cute guitar, congrats my friend, enjoy her!!! Andy
  6. I think that the regular SG with tail piece and then the Bigsby B5 with Vibramate base or the Dusemberg Les Trem. Both good and reversible alternatives. BR Andy
  7. Beautiful alternatives to the other worn colors, the tortoise pickguard is another nice touch. I didn't know CME issued such termination for these series in fact they are not offered at Gibson web pages.....it is evident is a pure special run. BR Andy
  8. I made the same deal!! Just posted as continuation of another about Custom shop DC guitar: Congrats, excellent guitar!! BR Andy
  9. ok, let me try again..... Hope now... Cheers Andy
  10. Absolutelly!!! 😋😋💪💪
  11. Well, no the same, but last week I was in Atlanta for business reasons, and I got an opportunity at GC Marietta, is not the same of course, but it is a beautiful and really so comfortable guitar I have got at the end of the day.... And really the P90s have the punch like a donkey, it was a good deal price drop, so.....my big dream is not easy , but this little dream is a gorgeus alternative. I am more than happy. BR Andy
  12. Any feed back on? Thanks in advance!!!
  13. No way to afford it, at least so far, but it was for me a great turn in doble cut designs searched by Gibson from many years, that´s way my comments about this model. Anyway it is evident that business are business and only money talks here..... Thanks Andy
  14. I noted (just by looking at Gibson web site) that they removed the gorgeous special double cut from Custom collection. I believed this model was a sale success, it is evident that not.....saddly, this was my dream lately..... Somebody else has any news about? Thanks Andy
  15. Sorry Brian, how do you get the COA online?, is there any place where to download? I would appreciate your input. Thanks Andy
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