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  1. Excellent band, a bit underrated regarding other groups. IMO Andy Latimer is like David Guilmour but with humbuckers 😁😁. Cheers Andy
  2. Completely beautiful!!! Congrats!!! Andy
  3. Andy56

    Share your ES's

    Posting again, the picture dissapera for some strange reason...... Cheers!! Andy
  4. Andy56

    Share your ES's

    My 335, 2004 with golden hardware, '57 pickups, really a beauty with incredible sound. Hope you like it. Andy
  5. Sorry, but the only sign of the righty neck, are the little dots at the top marking the main frets, am I right?, in such a case what you have is an special guitar let´s say and beautifil by the way, enjoy it!! Andy
  6. I think there were Les Paul editions without the split diamond, but with the crown used at the SG or at the ES guitars. Am I wrong?? BR Andy
  7. Andy56

    Es 335 Bass

    Is the 335 bass yet un production?, mmmmhhh 🤔 BR Andy
  8. I bought one in February. For me is a nice option, even when doesn't match historic shapes (i.e.: for he pickguard), in addition the P90s never will disappoint you. I paid it about 600 usd at Guitar Center. Good luck with the decision!!! Andy
  9. What are the characterisics of this bass? I see some controls additional to volumen and tone, but do you know what are they for? Thanks Andy
  10. Today I noted that Gibson put this beauty in the Custom line again, good Gibson!!!, Excelent!! Andy
  11. Interesting, this picture sure is before 1963, and the the pickguard is similar to the "Batwing" type one......
  12. The count for today in my country (Argentina) is 301 with 4 deaths, but the tests are made only for one medical center in Buenos Aires. This week 19 new hospitals in several other provinces will be able to check the virus in blood, so probably the numbers will rise. We have a mandatory quarantine since last Thursday until end of March, but the government is thinking into extend it since the expectations is to have the pick of the cases by middle of April. My prays are with all the people that suffer the illness and with the medical, nurses and janitorial teams that are taking care of them around the world. BR to everyone Andy
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