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  1. Ok! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll do that!
  2. Hi! I just bought a guitar, but it has a crack that is worrying me. It's in the back of the body, right in the middle. It's about an inch long and it can be felt. I saw it upon inspection after taking it out of the box, it supposedly was new. Would this cause problems over time? Should I return it?
  3. What happened to Spirithawk happened to me on the Epiphone Electric forum

  4. Hi! I'm making this post because I just bought a used les paul 100 for $150 and wanted to know if it as a good deal. I'm new to the whole buying guitars thing, so.. yeah! The lp is the ebony version with Seymour Duncan 59s' (although I'm not sure if that's true, since I don't know how to recognize them), the area where the tuners are is discolored 'till about half way, you can still see the branding , but it has a yellow tint. The neck isn't straight with the body (don't know hot to fix it properly, although I think it wont be that hard). It has a few dinks and a lot of surface scratches, but I thinks they'll easily buff off. And, the think that concerns me the most, in guitardaterproject.or-g/epiphone.aspx the serial number is unrecognized, is it possible it's a fake? I looked up signs of this, but it all seems to be original, or at least the obvious signs. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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