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  1. i didnt thought about that! yes, most probably its the wire color, thank you Sgt!
  2. im in Mexico, so i dont know if they are in the US store already, hope someone can confirm,,,that way i can plan on going to try them out! hehe
  3. When do you guys think these will hit the stores? cant wait to try them out!
  4. Hey guys, last night i was checking the pots of my 76 LP Customer (couldnt find pictures) , and i didnt realize there are some letters on the base plate, im curious if they have some meaning, i looked for other 76 LPs on sale that showed the pots cavity but the ones i found didnt have letters This is the best picture i could take, it was dark and most of the letters show. It has "YR" on top, the "GB" and "OW" on the botton (that one doesnt show only the "O") https://imgur.com/a/lwly3IL hope someone can clear this mystery hehe
  5. It sucks, im not an Aerosmith fan, i like some old 80s songs, but that's about it, i think he makes a point with this: "" He argued the “artificial, made-up and undefined” requirement was “insulting and upsetting” because that no other member of the band has been asked to do it before. Singer Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Bradley Whitford, and bassist Tom Hamilton have all been recently sidelined with injuries and illnesses and weren’t asked to re-audition for their jobs, Kramer noted in his suit. "" maybe they just want to kick him out and this is an excuse
  6. I've never owned an Epiphone, but i think its time i do! love this new line
  7. All beautiful, but way outta my budget, i liked the southern jumbo
  8. That green flying V looks awesome! Also the Epi LP special in tv yellow is appealing
  9. im loving the names hehe....i can vouch for that, my 2017 tribute resonates even when unplugged, love it!
  10. Its gonna be pricey! on Epihpone website the Inspired by collection is already up, but the Texan acoustic is not listed
  11. Goldtoppy is so cute! like it. I named my 2017 gold top tribute Duane after Duane Allman..that one doesnt have a hardcase, and my Norlin era black beauty has a generic one but i dont see myself spending $300 or more for an era correct one right now, maybe in the future, and also im not sure which one would be the correct, as i've seen several listings for Norlin LP's and they all have different cases and say its all orginal 😕 do you have Goldtoppy with stock pick ups? or did you upgraded?
  12. i thought they were the same as the LP standard DC! my bad
  13. The GC i sometimes go to hasnt locked up the acoustics, honestly i've never seen anyone under 30 in the acoustic section, teenagers are always trying to shred on the electrics hehe ps. and also i did encounter some J45 standards with super old strings, i didnt ask but i did wonder why they didnt change them,,now i know
  14. Never heard of the "Education series", and i dont see how they would put the diamond thing on the headstock and dot inlays (instead of trapezoid or something else) and no neck binding... i dunno, i dont think its a real Gibson but that;s my opinion
  15. Dont have the specs but i think that color's name is Fireburst, maybe you can google around with the information you have if no one here comes up with the specs
  16. Sorry for the confusion but i barely write French, took lessons for 2 years but that was 7 years ago i had no one to practice with, so i forgot most of it, i think im better off reading it than writing/speaking, hehe...yeah well, your guitar is not on the expensive side but i think its quite good, and i imagine you custom painted it (i have only seen them in black and red) its a nice color!
  17. haha this time the emoji represented my feelings
  18. I've never done that but its worth a shot to ask them! i would its looks beautiful
  19. Hello, i've played those when i used to take guitar lessons, they had one for the students, here in Mexico i've seen them for around $1500-$2000 pesos, which is like $75-$100 dollars the neck is very comfortable to play
  20. wow, cool collection, shame some of those beauties are still new unplayed and just sitting there
  21. Ahh its just a lil blood, wont hurt you hehe
  22. Whoaa! Congrats, im glad you were able to find the firebird V you wanted! Pickups can be changed to your liking, sigh firebird are beautiful guitars
  23. I would also keep my 2 LP's...if i really liked the R8 maybe, MAYBE i would try to sell mine and buy the R8 i would never trade them in at guitar "trade in" prices, for me you loose a lotta money doing that i have a R6 which is awesome, but my Deluxe/black beauty and other a traditional i had are/were also awesome
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