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  1. If the j45 studio has an advanced response neck profile, then i have played it and also de slim taper. The slim tapper is thinner than the advanced response neck but not by much. I prefer slim taper necks and i can say that it was very comfortable to play the j45 studio, i didnt think it was on the chunky side
  2. i do certain adjustments on my guitars, just started doing last year with a hendrix strat hahah, but there are some cases where i know i should not mess more with them and i sometimes have to take them to a luthier, and it does make a difference im glad you were able to get the SG set up! were i live the weather is just like you mentioned, its a pain in the neck for guitars, have to keep them in their case when i am not playing them and still they would need a little adjusment
  3. Hello Derek i can relate to what you said about feeling inferior going to shops and play, i went through years of feeling this way, and add to it that im a woman and everytime i used to go to a shop they would assume i was looking for "something for my boyfriend". It just takes a little bit of courage to pick up the guitar and just play whatever you want and dont care what other are playing or may think of you. We are all of different levels of learning so there's gonna be ppl that play better than us and the other way around, and its all good. like try it one time, and next time it will be less harder, i promise πŸ˜ƒ If you are looking for a specific sound its very important you try out the guitars for yourself, we can all recommend models but ultimately you are the one to pick one...i would throw in also to check out some Taylors, my taste in acoustics are Alvarez, Gibsons and Taylors (in no specific order) good luck!
  4. Like it! dont think its a hummingbird, but i dont know what model is it
  5. Sound, im recently new to having Gibsons, like 5-6 years, i started getting an SG, and then an LP and i just loved the sound and the necks. But i also love strats Only have 1 gibson acoustic i love, the other ones i've liked are way out of my budget but i hope to have a hummingbird and possibly a j45 in a future (if i find the ones)
  6. i have hope now πŸ˜ƒ i will keep searchingπŸ₯° thanks
  7. Well well well Jinder! the song is pretty nice πŸ˜ƒ i still buy cds and play them while i drive, i dont like paying for a streaming service month after month
  8. Have you guys went through several before finding the right J45? in my case i've played 3 from recent years and none of it spoke to me 😞 i even thought the j45 studio sounded better than the j45 standard (both 2019 models)...maybe its just that its not the type of guitar for me, but its kinda sad cuz i think they are beautiful and when i've seen videos they sound great
  9. In the past year (ever since Gibson "bankruptcy" thing) hit the news its like a lot Gibson bashers just came outta nowhere. I mean, we all have different tastes and there is no need to bash another guitar brand, but oh well, most of them i think they just do it to go along with the trend, its like when your 14 and want to be cool so you have to agree with everything the other say to be cool haha..that's how i see it anyways Im glad you were able to gift yourself such a fine guitar for your 30th bday! the important thing is that you like it and play it and it seems you cherish it 😎
  10. i know what you mean! seeing such a beauty rest in a bag, but yes, i will look for a case cuz she deserves it πŸ˜„
  11. Yes! i got a 2016 SG P90s with a gig bag and i love it! im glad the gig bag didnt stop me cuz that is the best damn SG i've ever played! its stored in the gig bag when not being played since 2017 and the neck hasn't moved enough to need an adjustment 😎 i love that thing *Edit: i named her Cherry Bomb, cuz it rocks!
  12. Hello!! you are a lucky one! i hope that J-45 keeps you playing for years 😎
  13. Hello and welcome! nice guitar, how long have you had it? i want one of those in that exact color (usually the ones for sale in my city are the natural ones) There's not much movement in the forum lately but there's a few of us that post kinda regularly πŸ‘»
  14. hey Sal! is that a pic of the J-45? aww i still remember that J-50 of yours, i had a crush on it, sounded so dreamy hehe
  15. thank you for the detailed tips, i really appreciate it! Fortunately there is almost no residue on the guitar finish, only on the pickguard itself, so im glad about that haha. on the other hand im am not sure what type of pickguard this is one is, i will take a picture on the weekend and post it here to see if you guys can help me with that, i dont wanna ruin the pickguard. My guitar is a 2016 so its a newer model, not a vintage one Also need to take measurements to see if that sheet would fit
  16. This happened to me J-185 too, i was so pissed cuz like you said its an expensive guitar and not even my old $150 dollar Alvarez experienced this, i havent done anything cuz i didnt know how to address it and dont want to ruin the finish on the guitar what Stewmac glue did you use? i came across the 3M pickguard adhesive sheet only
  17. I've tried the Vintage reissue strings on mi R61 SG and i totally loved the sound, very vintage indeed, but they were so rough at the touch, hard and i just didnt like that..but they sound really good
  18. I agree with dh2087 on not swaping it, it could be the strap thing you mentioned (it happened to me to a telecaster with a nylon strap, the strap sew pattern got "stamped" onto the nitro, it didnt bother me cuz my telecaster is al busted and looks cool)..BUT in my opinion if there is something that doesnt seem right i would just hold on to my guitar and wait for another one. There's a lot of honest people out there that tell you the things as they are, but also a lot of dishonest folks that just dont care. But its up to you, i mean, is it a long drive? i think you have the right to go check it out without feeling compromised to exchanging them
  19. Definitely surprised too! there is something about the PRS that aesthetically i just CANT, but these ones sound amazing
  20. hahaha i know! Molly asking "Do you play guitar?" WHO ME? naah 🀣
  21. I envy you guys being retired and with money in the bank ahhaha ,i have like 30 years left, so sad
  22. Though one, if its new with these prices i would buy the Epiphone. But if used was an option i would go with the studio or tribute used. I think $1199 is a lot for a studio/tribute....dont get me wrong i have a 2017 tribute gold top which i ADORE, but i bought it used for $800, i would never pay the new price, but that's just me if we were talking about a new Classic or a Standard i would totally consider buying it new
  23. Now those lines look sexy! there's something about yellow LP jr/special
  24. me too! i find the electric guitars too cold and the acoustics not that much haha Its a good thing my current music room is one of the warmest in my house so it helps with my playing during winter!
  25. The Mamas and the Papas? dont know. so what range of years are we looking at?
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