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  1. omg, first time i read about tuners breaking! that sucks...agree, banjo tuners are better!
  2. i was bummed when i read you had no luck with the cherry 339, hope you find one soon, i have a sunburst 339 and its a delight, love it!
  3. 2 weeks seem like enough time, better let that sit a bit than to get you or your mother in risk if you buy anything show us later on!
  4. OMG congrats! Goldtoppy now has a new friend! hehe one day i will have a bird too!! enjoy!
  5. Hola Luciano, sube fotos, es la mejor manera que te pueda ayudar alguien
  6. my SG R61 has both a 57 in the neck, and a pearly gates in the bridge, and definitely the PG is more brighter love both
  7. this is the second time i read about the cts pots on the new epis =( this sucks, i want one but this and all the QA issues ppl are reporting are a turn off
  8. I used to be really into Mazzy Star, their songs are simple but filled with colors, it just made my imagination fly RIP David
  9. Dont watch much tv as i used to, but when i do i see these Channels: History, Tru Tv, Fox, Gourmet tv,and some local stuff i am watching more Netflix, HBO go, Plex, and wishing i had more BBC series
  10. Congrats, and happy birthday sir! i dig that color, wish i could get one in that same exact finish
  11. When i was younger i used to buy guitars by appearance and because some musician i admired played it, i kept some of those guitars and some i sold..as i grew older it has to appeal to me visually but its all about the feel and sound now, i now know what characteristics are a must for me (like neck profile and a little bit the weight factor), so i have to play them first, because i have bought guitars that have been spec wise what i wanted but then the neck ends up being a little bit different and end up selling them
  12. didnt know that! wonder how different the 2000 models and new models sound! really liked this vid demo edit: i mean having a side by side comparison video
  13. Never been married, currently in a committed almost 7 years relationship💍
  14. Im seriously thinking about getting one of these for my 40th birthday, but that's next year! hopefully i can find one
  15. i would keep looking and get a standard
  16. Didnt know that! thanks for the tip its a bummer, i also wanted to get a 60s standard but i've read a lot of reviews now about cosmetic flaws and the frets not being correct, so i dont wanna order online
  17. Are you getting another one? im glad you were able to return it without any hassle
  18. agree with Twang Gang... i've played HEAVY LPs and weight relief ones and pick ups played a bigger deal than the weight
  19. aww man, hope you can get that replacement, and if its brand new it shouldnt come with dings either! good luck!
  20. That EJ strat is beautiful, i have a thing for blue guitars..never played a strat with binding! its now on my Must to do list
  21. Yay for strats! like the subtle flame on the headstock congrats!
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