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  1. When i was younger i used to buy guitars by appearance and because some musician i admired played it, i kept some of those guitars and some i sold..as i grew older it has to appeal to me visually but its all about the feel and sound now, i now know what characteristics are a must for me (like neck profile and a little bit the weight factor), so i have to play them first, because i have bought guitars that have been spec wise what i wanted but then the neck ends up being a little bit different  and end up selling them



  2. On 2/5/2020 at 10:55 PM, JuanCarlosVejar said:

    The Country Western in general became dimensionally the same specs as the Hummingbird in 1962 .


    Why does Sheryl like her C& W ??

    Gibson interviewed her for the new souped up version of her signature model:


    This is different than her previous C&W in that it has a Wide “X”  scalloped bracing.


    The originals from the 60’s had straight (unscalloped  bracing) and the old Sheryl Crow model  had Scalloped X bracing in the standard “X” position.



    Here’s demo of the old Sheryl model:




    didnt know that! wonder how different the 2000 models and new models sound!  really liked this vid demo


    edit: i mean having a side by side comparison video

  3. 15 hours ago, indiekiduk said:


    no, might try the ltd edition 59 Les Paul when it comes out, that gets QC checked in USA so might help catch the finish issues 


    Didnt know that! thanks for the tip

    its a bummer, i also wanted to get a 60s standard but i've read a lot of reviews now about cosmetic flaws and the frets not being correct, so i dont wanna order online

  4. On 2/8/2020 at 2:13 PM, Twang Gang said:

    The questions were how does different weight relief effect sound, playability, neck dive etc.  I have owned a non-relieved LP, a few with modern (9 hole) weight relief and one with ultra-modern weight relief.  As to sound the pickups account for most (if not all?) the difference, not the weight relief.  As to playability, I am old so lighter is better for a 3 or 4 set gig.  Neck dive is never an issue with a LP regardless of which type of weight relief it has.

    It would be cool to play three different LPs with the different weight reliefs available through the same amp with the same settings, and all three have the same pickups (regardless of what PUs they were) to see if we could hear a difference.  But I have not seen that type of comparison done.  The different types of weight relief come on different model LPs, and different models almost always have different pickups.

    As mentioned two identical model LPs may sound quite different anyway, so attributing any tone difference to weight relief is almost impossible to do.  Just get out and play and bunch of them and when you find the one that feels and sounds good to you, buy it.



    agree with Twang Gang... i've played HEAVY LPs and weight relief ones and pick ups played a bigger deal than the weight

  5. 37 minutes ago, rct said:


    Sucked.  Joe was playing the riff wrong key, once they got his down and you could only hear Brad it was fine, Joe came back later in the right key.  Solo was just a couple cats in a bag, awful.  It looked like they found a Joe Kramer look-a-like to play drums.  Tyler was his usual embarrassing self.



    haha at first i thought it was JOe Kramer on the drums! he did look a lot like him

  6. On 1/27/2020 at 8:31 AM, Sgt. Pepper said:

    I didn't watch that joke of a show. It just comes up on my internet at work and saw they played that sell out of a song they had to do back in the day, cause no one gave a rip about them, back then.


    I did watch them on the grammys, i i think their performance was just OK, i dunno i didnt like it

  7. Hey guys, last night i was checking the pots of my 76 LP Customer (couldnt find pictures) , and i didnt realize there are some letters on the base plate, im curious if they have some meaning, i looked for other 76 LPs on sale that showed the pots cavity but the ones i found didnt have letters

    This is the best picture i could take, it was dark and most of the letters show. It has "YR" on top, the "GB" and "OW" on the botton (that one doesnt show only the "O")




    hope someone can clear this mystery hehe

  8. It sucks, im not an Aerosmith fan, i like some old 80s songs, but that's about it, i think he makes a point with this:


    "" He argued the “artificial, made-up and undefined” requirement was “insulting and upsetting” because that no other member of the band has been asked to do it before. Singer Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Bradley Whitford, and bassist Tom Hamilton have all been recently sidelined with injuries and illnesses and weren’t asked to re-audition for their jobs, Kramer noted in his suit. ""


    maybe they just want to kick him out and this is an excuse

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