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  1. wow, cool collection, shame some of those beauties are still new unplayed and just sitting there
  2. Ahh its just a lil blood, wont hurt you hehe
  3. Whoaa! Congrats, im glad you were able to find the firebird V you wanted! Pickups can be changed to your liking, sigh firebird are beautiful guitars
  4. I would also keep my 2 LP's...if i really liked the R8 maybe, MAYBE i would try to sell mine and buy the R8 i would never trade them in at guitar "trade in" prices, for me you loose a lotta money doing that i have a R6 which is awesome, but my Deluxe/black beauty and other a traditional i had are/were also awesome
  5. Welcome! did you get that SG? My favorite Gibson changes every week/month haha right now my fave ones are my LP tribute and my firebird 😎
  6. i agree with rct, im not versatil either haha...so i thought about it a lot and i think i would have to go with my St Vincent signature
  7. Awesome! i like those old cases, i know they made some in the 90s but not sure if also 2002, but either way its great you got it for your tribute (my tribute still sleeps in the gig bag hehe)
  8. i dont know about the ES33, but as for the ES339 satin and gloss, the differences is just the finish, both sound the same
  9. Me too, i play more electric than acoustic, they only guitar i had long enough and played a lot was a beginners Alvarez i dont have anymore, that one did open up but i mean it was a beginner's guitar hehe Congrats on getting a Martin! i wonder if the putting the guitar near a loud speaker method that ppl talk about works, maybe you can try that and save money ! hehe
  10. hahaha, i only clean mine, never polish them 😁
  11. Love love love plain tops, also the cream pick ups look awesome!
  12. I remember seeing a post about tonerite a few days ago, it was quite lengthy , and also i *think* i remember reading that tonerite didnt work on laminated guitars (??) might be wrong i havent tried this product, it would be an ok experiment, but im old skool and would prefer to play the guitar until it opens up naturally, but i think its ok if someone wants to accelerate this process
  13. Up to today i didnt know him, less that he was a comedian and hosted the last 5 years of this event (not a big fan of movies or these type of events). Knowing this now, i can see and suspect that this was just the guy following a script, maybe they just want to spice things up, who knows. He is just cashing in. I mean i never have expected anything real or true to come from Hollywood, they are just "entertainment", i certainly know and get what you say that its an industry that has and have abused women, unfortunately this is not the only place/institution/etc where this happens to us women, we have to deal with it on a daily basis. And kidblast is right about this polarization they are doing, i think they are realizing ppl are fed up (see all the riots in all parts of the world) they know better to keep us divided than united.
  14. Yes! i used to have a 2013 50's tribute in vintage sunburst, had a very dark sound, i sold it because neck was big for my hands and i wanted to upgrade. But i wont be selling my tribute!
  15. Well yes, you have a point, they will just take that as the truth and dont go and investigate and form their own opinion
  16. Wow, guy was very direct but most of the stuff he said are the ugly truth..i didnt see this vid until now, cuz i dont like ppl being bully of others, so funny wise i didnt find it funny, but i did find it interesting edit. I understand no one wants someone else to tell us what to do, i dont like that either, but i have found ppl my generation (im 38) to be careless about the world affairs and environment, and be totally absorbed by their phone and tv. Maybe older folks or mature persons will find this dumb, because they are informed, but trust me that they are reaching out to persons how are totally clueless or careless (and that they dont care about forming their own opinion). Maybe things are different in the US, but here in Mexico, people are 99% uninformed. And if by some actor they follow they gain interest in the environment or become interested in learning about their local politics, then im ok with that
  17. I have 2 satin guitars, an LP tribute and an SG, they are so nice to the touch
  18. i wasnt expecting that sound! sounds awesome, thought it would be thin, but nothing like that Really liked it, guitar looks beautiful in the video 😎
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