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  1. will this only be available in the UK? i was expecting them to be sold in the US 😞
  2. Hello! i love explorers, like buying any new guitar i would recommend playing it before you buy it to make sure you like it and feel comfortable with it. Maybe you have played explorers before and you already know you are comfty with it i have a 2018 explorer i love, it does have Torrefied granadillo on the fretboard, i think that is different from other years models (think they had rosewood),but it doesnt feel bad, i was just pointing out the difference as for price im not sure how much about your country's marketplace...but i do remember around the time i bought mine that GC made a clearance and put them on sale for 1499 USD
  3. Picture is blurry, but to me it doesnt seem like a scratch only, but wouldnt know how deep that goes
  4. i used FemmeParallell several years ago while i was learning French, its a song name by Thievery Corporation i liked a lot, one day i was creating an account for a social media and i didnt know what to use, and i had that song stuck on repeat on my head so i stated using it, that and im a lady
  5. aww so beautiful, wish i had something like that near by
  6. from what i've read, yes, they will come with poly finish i disliked the $999 price tag on the 50s modified strat 😞
  7. I also hate this, all the LPs i've had and have removed the pickguard have had this blemish =( on my current gold top its really noticeable but i decided to leave it that way and try not to let it bother me like Wmachine said, they made removable pickguards in 2015, they were so practical but i guess ppl thought they were not like the original LPs so they went back to the original way
  8. i would love it too if i didnt work for 7 weeks! i really hate summer, dont like sweating a lot , dont like getting sunburnt , dont like mosquitos. Where i live it gets up to 115F so it really sucks =( im more of a Autumn person hehe
  9. I prefer not saying, i dont wanna get in trouble hahaha, but i have the most i ever had in my life, started playing at 13
  10. agree with Pip! loving the color i would go for the new one if i liked the color better , but that just me πŸ˜‰
  11. My all time fave is a 2003 fender mim strat, that guitar has been the longest with me, but every week/month a have a second fave, right now is the LP tribute The one i regret selling, i dont regret it that much but it would be nice to have a 2001 330 Rickenbacker And i regret not buying a 2013 Gibson SJ100 that was a bargain but i dont know why i didnt go for it
  12. thank you!! sounds good! i wished the LP was full front in the vid hehe
  13. hahaha i have one of those Multi-Vitamin Piss Yellow strats, but with texas specials and i LOVE IT! oh and the color is Canary Diamond hehe congrats IanHenry, that is one beautiful guitar, when they first came out i was excited cuz i always wanted a yellowish strat (didnt have the canary diamond strat at that time) but the neck didnt feel comfty for me =( but its beautiful and sounds awesome
  14. Maybe some pictures could help πŸ˜‰
  15. if you ever do so please share it! i was thinking about it if its worth spending $300 or so doing it, and i have to pay someone to do it i dont know how to do that stuff hehe
  16. So sorry for your loss, thank you for opening your heart and sharing the video/song, bless your heart
  17. do you have a video or sound clip of it after you put the SD antiquities? very intrested to hear, i was thinking of changing the pick ups on mine (same model) i like the ones it came with but they sound muddy and lack clarity, i think that guitar would sound great with another pick ups, it resonates so well
  18. I always keep them in their case or gig bag, where i live it gets really humid (can get up to 90%) during the winter. Right now its really hot but still we get like 40-60%! so im a little bit more comfortable to have them out in the room for a day or 2 The only guitar i am not keeping in its bag its my new tribute, but i got it so i can have it always ready besides my sofa But yes it affects them, during winter my firebird neck got weird and it started buzzing , and i put it away until Summer and now neck is ok
  19. mmm i dont know, the cavity looks funny, the "made in usa" looks like my niece did it with a knife, and i think i saw a screw on the bridge , and if so its a Chinese copy
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