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  1. wow, now im curious about the sound!
  2. Sorry for your loss, early 90s classic are more sought after than other years, specially 1990-1994 ones, wish i had one Dont know what year would it be, usually those have a 5 digit serial number and the first digit would be the year. this one has 6 digits so i dont know, maybe its a 1990??
  3. My 2011 is fine, no issues with it
  4. Older V with banjo tuners will be more expensive seems you like the Firebirds better so maybe go that way
  5. oh dang, i have to resist this impulse to buy it! im gonna get kick outta the house haha
  6. So cool! i always wanted that one, in that color! its very comfortable, but never got it.....nice to see it already has an pick up upgrade
  7. Happy Xmass and new year guys and gals! i was on vacations I drooled over the 2 ES335's they are so pretty I gifted myself with the black strat i wanted, Musicians friend put if on sale and i couldnt resist, dont have an actual picture but its this one: https://imgur.com/a/w9Y0JyR Probably this will be my last guitar, unless i sell/trade, i dont see how i would get away with buying another one haha
  8. great! so pictures until Christmas then? As for your question that depends on each person, there are differences some think its not worth the money, some think it does. i think if you have the cash/can afford it and you want a Gibson go for it. In my case i have too many guitars now but if i didnt i would probably get an Epi if i really liked it, aint nothing wrong with that, i would really like a green or white LP πŸ€ͺand a ES335, so i might check some Epis next week!
  9. Definitely Slide, i dont know why its so hard for me and like someone mentioned already, Not buy more guitars! i have a lot and i wasnt going to buy more this year and bought 4 new ones (and only sold 1 hehe)
  10. Congrats! have nothing but love for the ES339's πŸ₯°
  11. thank you! im always interested in knowing the weight of guitars since i have a back problem, weight sound good!
  12. That's nice that he gave you a guitar, i would probably have done the same or offer to fix the one that was broken i saw the pics on the other thread and i dont think it looks that much disastrous. It is a LP studio but like kidblast said it would probably be like $200 and that's not the cost of the guitar they just glue it, not screws/rods (that i know)
  13. its a beauty, what pick ups does it have?
  14. Cool! now i wanna xray my LP tribute! hehe, thanks for sharing! how much do you think it weights aprox??
  15. Congratulations for retiring! very well deserved gift/guitar you are getting for yourself Of course it will be your decision, i just want to throw my opinion... About Fenders (cuz i started out as a Fender fan), i will say that for strats i have always preferred mim, and for telecasters USA. I dont know what it is but i do find difference in sound in the USA telecasters vs MIM. Although the price gap is wide. Anyways, I really liked the new color Fender came up on the new Ultra series, "TEXAS TEA", you should check it out, but try to look for a video cuz in the pictures they dont show the color as it is (it has a bit of a shine), wish i could get my hands on a texas tea strat haha...oh one thing is that for the new USA Telecasters i know they changed the neck profile to a D, they say its slender with more shoulder, or something like that If you want a Gibson, that one is hard haha cuz i would tell you to get both the Firebird and the 335 hahha..have you played both models? are you inclining more towards one? they are very different
  16. My 2016 SG standard with P90's has a chunkier neck, which i dislike, but sounds awesome
  17. FemmeParallell


    ohh yes!! 😍 that is one beautiful ES335
  18. FemmeParallell


    5 years! that guitar was meant for you yeah, pic's not working
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