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  1. Wow, that must of been hard, but im glad you were able to get this guitar, its really pretty...also, its nice you enjoy the little things (butterflies)
  2. FemmeParallell


    Congrats! i played one a few months ago and loved it, wish i could buy one haha beautiful back!
  3. I wished one of my LP smelled like vanilla, instead it smells like motor oil hahaha (i bought it used)
  4. aww so cute! what's his/her name?? i have 4 cats, love 'em, but they can be arsholes hahaha
  5. Can you complain about it and get some kind of compensation refund or something? and then you can fix it, maybe??
  6. I use D'addarios 9s on my 339
  7. hello! post some pics to see it, im not savvy on Slash guitars, but im sure there's a few fans here
  8. When will it arrive? Hope you love it and keep it! Im drooling over that same model but in bourbon burst, but im trying to justify having another guitar, i just bought a 2017 tribute (that i loved), i wished these new standards were a little bit less heavy tho
  9. Mark agnesi uploaded an instastory like an hour ago and they are scraping the binding on a red hollow body. Cant add pictures im on my cell
  10. That 60s standard is winking at me
  11. Totally agree with you, and no its not laminated (at least the sustainable isnt)
  12. Sorry about the typos im on the cellphone
  13. So i had the chance to play it a couple of days ago, i thought the finish would be horrible due to the bees waxs but it was not at all, its really really soft nice at the touch, smells SUPER GOOD, and the wood truss rod cover and pick guard looks cool. About the sound i wasnt that impressed, sounds good, its loud which i like but i dont know how to explain but like all the low bassy sounds dont sound right, like of they were buzzing and got trapped in the body. Im still prefering the regular j45 studio over this one. Still i cant stop thinking how nice it smelled hahaha
  14. Not really liking them but if i had to chose it would be the pink bird Only pink guitars i like are the hello kitty strat
  15. thank you Rabs! awww i know, im a sucker for gold tops
  16. Lately i've been developing a crush over the Joe Perry custom
  17. Hey guys! i want to thank everyone who helped me with information, i finally got the tribute! i went for the 2017 gold top, just got it last night, test it very quick (to check everything works fine), set up its almost good, just need to work on the 3rd so it doesnt go outta tune but nothing that cannot be solved here is the guitar: https://imgur.com/a/aBG74Px sorry, but this thing never lets me insert images
  18. Hola! Liked your song a lot :) wish i could write songs like that hehe
  19. HOLY SMOKES!! that is one awesome looking guitar!! now i want one hahahha :D
  20. 2 of my vintage guitars have that same "checking/crack", i read somewhere that this happens when due to humidity changes the fretboard shrinks or expands and the lacquer cracks i've had no problem with my guitars, but i take good care of them
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