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  1. Hola! Liked your song a lot :) wish i could write songs like that hehe
  2. HOLY SMOKES!! that is one awesome looking guitar!! now i want one hahahha :D
  3. 2 of my vintage guitars have that same "checking/crack", i read somewhere that this happens when due to humidity changes the fretboard shrinks or expands and the lacquer cracks i've had no problem with my guitars, but i take good care of them
  4. Mostly the 60s slim taper profile and round (bur not baseball bat round). I disliked the asymmetrical Edit. Oh yes, and the firebird slim necks, love em
  5. Have mixed feelings on this one, at times i kinda like the black one but then it seems like something from the Flinstones, at almost $2k i’ll pass!
  6. I too played the J45 studio and i was impressed with how good it sounds and the price tag too (around $1500)... my brother and i compared it versus a 2018 j45 standard (like $2500-$2900) and the studio sounded so much better! but that;s the only 2019 i've played so far, hope GC carries more models in the near future
  7. Head stock doesnt look correct, looks weird
  8. hello! here are my 2 cents: your guitar ranges approximately between $2800-$3900 (checked this on several online websites). The R0 from that year i saw a more broad range from $4000 to crazy $7000 for some R0 with brazilian rosewood So in terms of price i think its a fair deal, but i would recommend trying out the R0 first and see if its what you are looking for, i mean an R0 its an R0 and custom shop les pauls are gonna hold value, but in the past year-year and a half i saw a big increase in price for 70s-80s les paul in general, including LP customs. So i would strongly suggest playing that R0 to see if its the one, otherwise i wouldnt let go the 86 custom , seeing that they are increasing in value. but that;s just me
  9. that sucks about the tribute, but im glad you were able to get a studio and are ok with it !
  10. Saw it on the weekend and liked it, but yeah, they skipped a lotta stuff, maybe they should have made it a 2 part movie, cuz everything felt so fast i used to be a fan when i was a kid and they had Dr Feelgood out, but never got the chance to see them live. like 8 yrs ago they came to my city but tickets were crazy expensive i didnt go see them haha overall an Ok movie!
  11. haha i thought about this when i was a teenager, what would happen if you could go back in time and release songs before they were originally released hahah, silly teenager rocker wanna be dream haha well in the movie he didnt go back in time but the other part of the movie is was i used to dream about, now i think that songs wouldnt be a hit because the author/band/singer has to put his soul to make it happen
  12. Thanks for sharing! love her, she's amazing!
  13. yep, more than inflation has to be taken into consideration in the price of a product, there's other factors
  14. 11 pounds, its insane!! but its super sexy ehhe Thats weird that they are coming out with the fret ends rough what didnt you like about the 2019 tribute? only it the weight thing?
  15. Welcome! and show a pic of your new guitar :D
  16. Good to know, thanks for explaining!
  17. hey! as long as hardware is not rusting! i didnt know the pick guards did that cuz of lack of humidity, i used to have a mij strat that had that and it was very unpleasant to see, i bought it that way (dont have it anymore)
  18. want a gold top too, Im torn between dont want it to be a brick and wanting sustain forever hahah the new soft cases are NICE Most probably i will go with the 2017 one because of the weight thing, i really want a lighter one, my other LPs are really heavy (but i love them) but there are some days im just too tired but want to play and would like something light but still rockin' thank you all for your comments, i will post pics WHEN i get it :D
  19. i thought it be lighter with the weight relief, wonder how much a 2018 weights! sounds like a good resonant guitar n_n yes im also looking for an LP i can lead on the a stand next to the couch to play more often thanks for your comments :D
  20. Same, only have humidified acoustics, but mostly is trying to keep them dry (crazy weather were i live)
  21. Hey hey hey! so i would like to get advise from someone who has played both, im reading the specs and i see that the 2017 has weight relief and the 2018 doesn't, other than that they seem very much similar i dont have a way of playing them prior to getting one, just thought that maybe someone has tried them and can give me a little input Although i would prefer a lighter LP for a change hehe
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