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  1. so did the coffee bags helped?? would it help on a vintage LP? have 2 that smell funky: one like cigars, and the other one like a chemical or cleaner :S
  2. Nice to see you around Pipp! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, we dont celebrate it here but i agree with SteveFord, we should enjoy every minute we have here, and just be nice to each other! peace!
  3. 😧 wow!! that's awesome I checked Musicians friend page last night and found out the black fender player strat i wanted was on sale for $549 so yeah i order it hehe the sad part is now i have to sell a guitar, most probably its gonna be my 12 stringed Alvarez 😞
  4. hey D Big Daddy M, this is so awesome, it was my childhood dream to get a guitar when i was a kid (back then i wanted a blue or white stratocaster hehe), your son is gonna flip when he gets his new Les paul 😃 tell us how it went when he gets it!
  5. Nice! i hope you do get it for Christmas, you let us know if you do...i will keep thinking which of those 2 strats i shall get!
  6. And just played it outta the case, no set up haha Once i got a LP jr (with DHL) with a huge hole that trespassed the hole box (my guess it was done with a forklift) but i think an angel put his hand and prevented any harm to that beautiful TV yellow LPjr cuz it was immaculate hahaha
  7. Gilmour fan myself, im just drawn to the landscapes he creates, but we all have different tastes
  8. Great review! and a free tshirt! Yes, that shell pink strat is calling me, that one and the black that looks like Gilmour's...but im also thinking of getting ANOTHER R61 SG . Its so hard to decide since i can only get one =(
  9. Awesome! i love Rickenbackers, miss my 330 enjoy!
  10. Not sure if this is an actual on sale price, since i really never checked, but maybe some of you would like to know this Gibson Les Paul Special P-90 Limited Edition Electric Guitar Honey Burst for $899.99 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Les-Paul-Special-P-90-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar-Honey-Burst-1500000220202.gc Is Guitar Center known for putting a lot of good guitars on sale for black friday? im thinking about getting a Fender player strat Edit, lots of typos, its still early for my brain
  11. i have love for both types of bridges, i have a 70s 12-string Japanese Alvarez with adjustable bridge and sounds greats, i would prefer the neck to be thinner, its super chunky, but sounds great..
  12. My ES339 has a printed serial number as well, but just numbers, no letters (i dont have a picture right now tho)
  13. If the j45 studio has an advanced response neck profile, then i have played it and also de slim taper. The slim tapper is thinner than the advanced response neck but not by much. I prefer slim taper necks and i can say that it was very comfortable to play the j45 studio, i didnt think it was on the chunky side
  14. i do certain adjustments on my guitars, just started doing last year with a hendrix strat hahah, but there are some cases where i know i should not mess more with them and i sometimes have to take them to a luthier, and it does make a difference im glad you were able to get the SG set up! were i live the weather is just like you mentioned, its a pain in the neck for guitars, have to keep them in their case when i am not playing them and still they would need a little adjusment
  15. Hello Derek i can relate to what you said about feeling inferior going to shops and play, i went through years of feeling this way, and add to it that im a woman and everytime i used to go to a shop they would assume i was looking for "something for my boyfriend". It just takes a little bit of courage to pick up the guitar and just play whatever you want and dont care what other are playing or may think of you. We are all of different levels of learning so there's gonna be ppl that play better than us and the other way around, and its all good. like try it one time, and next time it will be less harder, i promise 😃 If you are looking for a specific sound its very important you try out the guitars for yourself, we can all recommend models but ultimately you are the one to pick one...i would throw in also to check out some Taylors, my taste in acoustics are Alvarez, Gibsons and Taylors (in no specific order) good luck!
  16. Like it! dont think its a hummingbird, but i dont know what model is it
  17. Sound, im recently new to having Gibsons, like 5-6 years, i started getting an SG, and then an LP and i just loved the sound and the necks. But i also love strats Only have 1 gibson acoustic i love, the other ones i've liked are way out of my budget but i hope to have a hummingbird and possibly a j45 in a future (if i find the ones)
  18. i have hope now 😃 i will keep searching🥰 thanks
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