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  1. hello guys someone locally is selling this Hummingbird, they mention is a 2013 but i dont remember seeing this color (vintage sunburst?) for the 2013 line up cant find any info online, nor one for sale, if someone happen to know specs or have info i would appreciated it i am considering it, i havent played it, but would like to know a little bit more about it first. I've always wanted a cherry sunburst Hummingbird, but if this one sounds GREAT i wouldnt mind the color that much https://imgur.com/a/fsuqxRh
  2. i dont have a digital caliper, the neck is chunky but i mean, i've never played a R9 nor R8 and i've heard those are really chunky, so i have no way of comparing against those
  3. love that song! but being an 80s child i thought it was from the Bangles hahha, awesome song AND guitar!
  4. thanks! someone is selling one but the honeyburst for $800 in excellent conditions, but i want the gold top :( ahaha
  5. How do you measure it? i have a 2007 one
  6. How much did it came out for $ ? i see one in reverb for almos a thousand
  7. thanks! with the risk of getting kicked out of the house i will get one ohh yess
  8. Definitely better with the pickguard!
  9. I did that and didnt work, but i think i know why now, i saw how Black Dog put the link, so im gonna do a little test here,see if it lets me https://i.imgur.com/yHs4aNK.jpg
  10. Yep, or a strat with no pick guard hehe, yes, i love Derek trucks but that Sg looks like something's missing
  11. Thanks! yes, i will get some decent photos and show them soon! =) i prefer plain tops over flame tops most of the times, it all depends on the flame (some flame tops are too much for my taste), but i mean all tops are beautiful
  12. Thank you! seriously i've tried putting the https://i.imgur.com/yHs4aNK.jpg' alt='yHs4aNK.jpg'>
  13. Definitely what i think, i have a P90s gold top that (to my opinion) wouldnt look well without the pick guard, BUT i think that if it was a humbucker with covers it might look good (kinda like Duane Allman's gold top) Yes, i wouldnt take it off on all LPs , just for this case hehe
  14. haha me too! i rest my finger there, that was one of the reasons i wasnt sure about doing it but i didnt miss it hehehe
  15. wow, quite a difference with the virtuoso! i will try to get a hold of one then! hehe
  16. I've been thinking about getting a 2018 tribute in gold top, i havent seen them in person, is the gold finish someone satin finish? or is it glossy? its my impression from different pictures i've seen that its somewhat satin,right? what pick ups did it came with? i cant find the info now that Gibson took down the previous models information :(
  17. After debating for some weeks if i should remove the pick guard on my 2016 Traditional (since all my LPs have them on), last nite i finally decided to remove it, anyways i can easily put it back on, and to my surprise i loved it! now i think that the pick guard gets in the way of my playing hahaha i wont be removing it from my other guitars Pictures dont work for my on this site i've tried everything, but here is the external link for a before and after look Before: https://imgur.com/a/e28hVQS and after: https://imgur.com/a/PEzs5ll
  18. one last try https://imgur.com/a/PEzs5ll.jpg
  19. At first i wasnt sure of the color, but now that i hear it i understand, sounds beautiful
  20. Congrats! i played one of this side to side with a 2018 j-45 and to my surprise the studio was far more superior in sound, i was impressed! i wish i could buy one hehe
  21. Congrats! a week ago i got the chance to play one and i liked it a lot, in fact i liked the studio better over a 2018 J-45 go figure! enjoy!
  22. I fell in love with a 2015 Les paul less in heritage cherry, the body was so damn comfortable being slimmer, and sounded awesome, but as some had mentioned out the wide neck was a big NO for my small hands, i had to let that LP go
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