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  1. Have you guys went through several before finding the right J45? in my case i've played 3 from recent years and none of it spoke to me ūüėě i even thought the j45 studio sounded better than the j45 standard (both 2019 models)...maybe its just that its not the type of guitar for me, but its kinda sad cuz i think they are beautiful and when i've seen videos they sound great

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  2. In the past year (ever since Gibson "bankruptcy" thing) hit the news its like a lot Gibson bashers just came outta nowhere. I mean, we all have different tastes and there is no need to bash another guitar brand, but oh well, most of them i think they just do it to go along with the trend, its like when your 14 and want to be cool so you have to agree with everything the other say to be cool haha..that's how i see it anyways

    Im glad you were able to gift yourself such a fine guitar for your 30th bday!¬† the important thing is that you like it and play it and it seems you cherish it ūüėé

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  3. 5 hours ago, Big Bill said:

    Glad it's been kicking *** for you. Sometime its a pisser when a guitar come with a gig bag, but you can always buy a case for it if you feel you really need one. It wasn't to long ago that it was hard to get Gibson case by separately, now you can pick one from anywhere,.


    i know what you mean! seeing such a beauty rest in a bag, but yes, i will look for a case cuz she deserves it ūüėĄ

  4. On 10/20/2019 at 7:12 AM, Big Bill said:

    Things have changed since 2015.


    Yes! i got a 2016 SG P90s with a gig bag and i love it! im glad the gig bag didnt stop me cuz that is the best damn SG i've ever played! its stored in the gig bag when not being played since 2017 and the neck hasn't moved enough to need an adjustment ūüėé i love that thing

    *Edit: i named her Cherry Bomb, cuz it rocks!



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  5. Hello and welcome! nice guitar, how long have you had it? i want one of those in that exact color (usually the ones for sale in my city are the natural ones)

    There's not much movement in the forum lately but there's a few of us that post kinda regularly



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  6. 21 hours ago, ALD323 said:

    FemmerParrallell...I used the stewmac ..3M pickguard sheets.  The size I needed was 8x10 inches for the larger Hummingbird pick guard size. ...which I'm not sure they presently have..but they do have the  6x8 size. So make sure the size of the sheet is big enough for your size pickguard. It gives instructions on how to do it and it is not an expensive item. The above process solved my lifting pick guard and the 3M stick sheet is very good.But it was a lot of work and messy, cleaning the residue of the old adhesive with naptha. Get it on and positioned right the first time in applying it, it sticks instantly and permanently. Clean the top off before hand with naptha ( common lighter fluid)..it will not harm your finish be it nitro or poly. Good luck. It does stink that this happens. Mine has held up for years now after fixing it. I had hoped to trade my present Hummingbird up for the new HB standard in red (yes I love the red cherry, mine is brown)..but I decided to not pay $3800 for a new Gibson in which the same thing will likely happen.  My 2015 J-45 did NOT have the flubberguard, and that is why I bought it. Had Gibson put on the flubber guards that year I would not have purchased it. Common sense tells one that you just do not pay between $2500 and $3800 for an iconic guitar with a defective pickguard, so I am done with buying new one. The fix, done carefully, slowly and properly should be a permanent fix for your lifting pick guard. Best of luck!

    One other tip here it there is heave adhesive residue for your old guard stuck to the top....stuff the sould hole with an old towel or t shirt...wet the top area where it old adhesive is stuck...wet it with the lighter fluid, keep it wet with a small cotton towel, wetting as needed, and within a few minuts, use an old plastic credit card to gently scrape the wetted top and the glue will come off much faster. Gently but firmly scrape it old goo off with the edge of the plastic card...this work ver well and did not harm or scratch the fine finish on my HB. ...also when the old pick guard came off..it left a shadow, an imprint if the pickguard in the nitro, which likely occured when it was applied and the nitro was new, but this will not be an issue IF you use the exact same sized pick guard as the one that came off...it you choose to install a different shaped, or sized pick guard, this could be an issue, and you may see the imprint of the old one after you replace the new  and different one. The color of the top had not changed on mine (from light etc) as the guitar was under 6 months old and the top have not darkened yet.

    ***And as j45nick stated correctly above, this heat de-flexing process is meant ONLY for pick guards made of what is often referred to as flubber guards (the softer thicker plastic guards) NOT for other non flubber guard types!

    Here is the link   https://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Pickguard_Materials/3M_Pickguard_Adhesive_Sheet.html



    thank you for the detailed tips, i really appreciate it!

    Fortunately there is almost no residue on the guitar finish, only on the pickguard itself, so im glad about that haha. on the other hand im am not sure what type of pickguard this is one is, i will take a picture on the weekend and post it here to see if you guys can help me with that, i dont wanna ruin the pickguard. My guitar is a 2016 so its a newer model, not a vintage one

    Also need to take measurements to see if that sheet would fit


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  7. This happened to me J-185 too, i was so pissed cuz like you said its an expensive guitar and not even my old $150 dollar Alvarez experienced this, i havent done anything cuz i didnt know how to address it and dont want to ruin the finish on the guitar


    On 10/25/2019 at 7:44 PM, ALD323 said:

    My 2013 Gibson Hummingbird did the same thing within just 6 months. I finally pulled it off all together as it looked horrible. I contacted Fuller for a replacement, they wanted to charge me $150.00 for the new pick guard..I ordered it..and sent it back as it was the exact same defective one as just came off. I decided to experment with the old curled one to solve the problem. Here is what I did:

    After the HB flubberguard guard is removed you will notice that it looks "curled". That i to say, it is not completely flat when lying on a table top, and this is what caused it to pull up in the first place, the curl.  When the plastic was made, it dried to fast..it then curled..gibson then installed it anyway and with glue..it held for a while, then the curl eventually over about 6 month to two years, began to pull up. That is why it happens in my opinion. Your milage may vary. Here is the process below which I used to permanently fix it, using the very same pick guard that was on it. So far, the reinstallation has lasted permanently with no pull up ever again at all. It looks like new if the process is done carefully, and will last for years.

    Step 1. Remove all the glue on the back side of the HB pickguard with naptha (Lighter fluid)..as well as the top of the guitar.

    Step 2. When it the pick guard is clean and dry and glue free,  lie it upon a flat surface or table, and then use a hair dryer to expose the curled pick guard to heavy heat..enough to semi melt the curl back to flat. You will actually see the pick guard begin to lay flat again "before your eyes" as it is exposed to the hair dryer heat. Carefully aim the hair dryer, set on high at the pick guard, moving the dries air all over the guard evenly, and by pulling the dryer closer and away from the pickguard so as not to liquifiy and deform it. Remember however, that your goal is to actually  deform the "curl back  to total flat." ..so it can be reinstalled. As you proceed,  flip the guard back and forth over a few times, and re- expose it to more heat..making sure not to actually melt it..you just want to get it hot enough that the plastic curl "relaxes flat on to the table," and the HB pickguard is now returned to a permanent flat state. It is the curl that forces the pickguard off eventually as that curl constantly and slowly,  pulls itself away from the sticky glue.

    Step 3.  After the Pickguard is flat again..and you will clearly see this happen with the hair dryer as you watch it,  and also while the pick guard is still hot but not fire hot....place a HEAVY book on top of it for a day....recheck it..if there is still a little curl left, you must hair dryer it again till it lies totally FLAT on a table top of  its own volition.  This includes all the pointed corners..they too must lie flat.

    Step 4. I ordered simple pick guard glue backing from Stewmac, and applied the new glue to the now totally flat HB pick guard and re-applied it to my Hummingbird. .....It never lifted again, not even at the pointed corners, and it has been almost 6 years since I reinstalled it this way. The heat will not deform the pic guard or ruin its color or print in any way, and I got mine pretty darn hot from the hair drier..too hot to touch with your finger. It worked for me, I believe this will solve most of these problems people are experiencing with Gibson flubber guards. Ordering a new one guard and same type picguard will not solve the problem, as it will recur.. They sent me another defective curled one exactly like the one that just came off my guitar. It was then that I put 2+2 together considering the curl and pull up. Here is my old 2013 HB with the same pickguard reinstalled with the above precdure, it was done years ago and has lasted without a trace of further pull up.

    hb fixed pick guard 2.JPG

    hb fixed guard 1.JPG


    what Stewmac glue did you use? i came across the 3M pickguard adhesive sheet only

  8. I agree with dh2087 on not swaping it, it could be the strap thing you mentioned (it happened to me to a telecaster with a nylon strap, the strap sew pattern got "stamped" onto the nitro, it didnt bother me cuz my telecaster is al busted and looks cool)..BUT in my opinion if there is something that doesnt seem right i would just hold on to my guitar and wait for another one. There's a lot of honest people out there that tell you the things as they are, but also a lot of dishonest folks that just dont care. But its up to you, i mean, is it a long drive? i think you have the right to go check it out without feeling compromised to exchanging them

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  9. 19 hours ago, Jinder said:

    Jesus wept, there is some immense talent between the two of them. I just love the feel that they both bring to anything and everything they play. Very interesting Billroy that you mention the smoothness in Molly's playing, I was just thinking that they are two interesting musical gender archetypes...Billy strutting through his breaks with swagger and that aggressive top E run that he utilises here several times, Molly almost casually walking into her breaks with a buttery, feminine smoothness that is the proverbial fist in a velvet glove...arguably more effective and devastating in its subtlety than Billy's effervescent brilliance. 

    I mean all that with the utmost respect and love to them both...they are operating at the absolute stratospheric top of their game. 

    I was watching some live MT footage online the other day and my partner Amy sat in for a while and said "bet you'd have loved to date her when you were single". I countered that I would be terrified to ever pick up a guitar again if I was seeing someone who could pick like that...

    hahaha i know! Molly asking "Do you play guitar?"¬† WHO ME? naah¬†ūü§£


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  10. Though one,  if its new with these prices i would buy the Epiphone. But if used was an option i would go with the studio or tribute used. I think $1199 is a lot for a studio/tribute....dont get me wrong i have a 2017 tribute gold top which i ADORE, but i bought it used for $800, i would never pay the new price, but that's just me

    if we were talking about a new Classic or a Standard i would totally consider buying it new

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  11. 17 hours ago, Keefoman said:

    This is my 2006 CS Les Paul Special:


    In comparison, I also have a 2006 CS Les Paul R8 with no checking at all. I bought both guitars around the same time in 2010, and they have been stored and used under the same environments / conditions under my care. I think the checking is cool, but I can see why someone don't like it. To me, it seems the Special has a thinner coat of lacquer, and I guess that makes sense as it isn't burst sprayed. I have no idea if that's the case, though...

    Edit: By the way, I think Peter Honore is a fantastic guitarplayer, and as his goldtop was already starting to crack, I don't blame him for "finishing" the job...ūüėéHe can do whatever he likes to his guitars, and his Classic isn't nowhere near "destroyed".


    Now those lines look sexy! there's something about yellow LP jr/special

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  12. On 8/20/2019 at 3:34 PM, arcticsg said:

    I use regular bore oil, or Music Namad's F-One Fretboard cleaner/oil for the fretboard.  

    For Gibson's nitro finished guitars, I use Naptha to clean and then Meguiars rubbing and polishing compounds to remove scratches and/or polish to a factory new shine. ¬† ūüėȬ†



    And I have also heard good things about that "Virtuoso Polish". ūüôā



     hey arcticsg, do you use a special rag or something to use the Meguiar's polish/compound? i dont know much about  car products, but once i used a compound on my car and had a red rag that i bought from wal mart from the car department, and the damn thing bleed red hahaha, good thing my car is navy blue and it wasnt that much of a scratch


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  13. 5 hours ago, Il Magnifico said:

    Hi greatings from Italy. Please find attached a link where Mark Agnesi explain the meaning of the "second" on the SG 1965 Standard headstok that he presented.

    I hope this can help you!!

    Regards il Magnifico




    I remember that SG, remember how i drooled ūüĎĽ one day i'll have one!


    No problem with the "second" guitars,  as Mark explains

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  14. On 10/11/2019 at 10:25 AM, Pinch said:

    Plustop Pro Standard. It took me ten seconds to decide to buy mine after I plugged it in. The ProBuckers make it sound very much like Slash's tone. I've got a Gibson LP Tribute (2017 model) too, and I can't decide which one sounds better. The Epiphone sounds a bit more like "Appetite", and the Gibson is more "Use your illusion". I daresay that the Epiphone has more bite.  I probably wouldn't have bought the Gibson LP if the deal hadn't been amazing on that one.

    If you want Slash on a budget, without sacrificing quality/tone, that would be my choice. Bar none.




    really? wow, i might check em out then, i was looking for the slash tone was even thinking if i should put his pick ups on my 17 tribute...what year is your plus top pro standar?

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