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  1. I watched a review of a new 2020 .Just concerned about the fretwork on the Les Pauls. Sounds like an ongoing issue. Is it being addressed? Please refer to the attached YouTube review starting at 11:14 and the comments section.
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  3. Just wondering if there would be much of a difference in tones. The body size of the LP ES/Florentine models would appear to be a little thicker compared to the 339's.
  4. Has Epi thought about updating or releasing newer models of this guitar? They seem to be stuck in the same color scheme and specs compared to the LP.
  5. Has anyone seen this? I got pretty excited when I saw the word orange. I am partial to that color and would love to have a guitar in that hue. This appears to be more blood than orange. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ENLPBONH--epiphone-les-paul-standard-plustop-pro-blood-orange
  6. I am current looking at this Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Cardinal Red on ebay. Couple of questions. It is missing its pick guard. Does epiphone sell replacement parts? from what I can tell they do not. I have seen some on ebay and amazon, but it sounds kinda of dicey whether they fit or not. I have looked up various pic's of this make model color and some seem to have a cream colored picgkuard and the pickup selctor, plate on the backside and moutning rings are cream also. The one I am looking at appears to have those parts listed above in a true white color. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Epiphone-Les-Paul-Standard-Electric-Guitar-Cardinal-Red/183549448320 sweetwater, appears to be cream https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ENSRCCH--epiphone-les-paul-standard-cardinal-red Any thoughts on this or suggestions would be appreciated. Do they make the same model with different specs as far as what I am inquiring about? Thanks
  7. I was on the Epi site and did not see any amps under products. Are they still making them?
  8. If anyone knows where I can find one let me know. They are kinda few and far between on Ebay.
  9. Just curious I have seen these SG's in Gibsons and Epiphone and they have the Les paul name on it. JUst kinda curious why these models of Sg's are called that.
  10. I bought Valve Junior Head of Craigslist over the weekend, and i am sure glad I did!!!!!! This thing is awesome. I have played through about every small wattage tube amp out there(name one and I probably have) and this one really fits the bill. All of the low wattage tube amps are built for on purpose in mind, to get that overdriven tube crunch at low volumes . This one sounds just as good cranked up as a high priced boutique,seriously!!! I just sold a VHT Special 6 Ultra on ebay and this EPI is just as good as that one. I thought about getting one of those mod kits for the Epi(Bit Mo Mods). But I am not sure if I really need to. This thing has good head room before breaking up. It cleans up real good at low volumes with the volume down on the amp and also using the guitar volume to tweak. It really suprised me in that area. The other ones that I tried did not perform as a well in that as well as the Epi did in that aspect. Probably my best investment as of late. You probably could play a small club with this running through a PA no problem. I have a 410(Sunn cab that I rebuilt) and a 115 cab(Peavey Classic) that I use. It sounds great through both, but I want to daisy chain them so I can push both at once. I am definetly not a gear snob . I really dont go for the big brand names all of the time. Don't own a Fender never will, can't afford a GibsonPRS ,are you kidding me!!!. I think I have quality gear that does not require a second mortgage and I have received compliments from other musicians who are the Fender/Gibson, PRS, boutique, high end guys( sorry if I sound conceded, I don't mean to.) If you know how to steer your gear you can make it work. Tone just does not come from your amp and guitar, it comes from your hands and heart. Sounds kinda cheesey, but oh well. Maybe it's all in what your ears like, but Epiphone hit a homerun with this in my opinion. I guess if you like more bells and whistles, go for it, but then it's not what it was made to be, it's a different amp.
  11. Just curious if the upgrades from the standard valve jr to this one is that much of a difference to make it worth buying. I heard the reverb was preety bad on this.
  12. Does anyone know where I can down load one? Thanks
  13. Just curious if the valve senior is still in production or if it has been discontinued. It was kinda strange, I heard alot about it coming out,never really heard when or anything officially as far as promotion. Caught wind of some demos online, saw it for sale for a short while and then it was kinda gone. Never really heard to much about it. Did it flop or something?
  14. Saw this on craigslsist and went and tried it out and it sounds great. The person is asking 1300.00 Just curious if you all think that is a fair price. Link to craigslist http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/msg/2224808694.html
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