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    History .guitars ,cars ,fishing hunting and my fiancé.
  1. sure , Herman,... Jim helped me Identify in in the identification forum ..Thanks for the interest .! oops my global upload quota is too high ,I cant seem to open it here … you can see it in the other forum...Tony
  2. Thanks , Tx , ! ,so ,so great .
  3. Good Morning Jim , thanks for the continued support in my quest to research my old guitar .She seems to look up at me with her single cutaway like a Mona Lisa crooked smile saying ," I'm a rare blonde , you better treat me right !"
  4. My brother always had j 45's ,and I was so fortunate to play one occasionally . This sparked my love for Gibson and was thrilled to find my ES ,and am so happy to make it through the tough times without us parting ways . We can make this world so much better sending in tune notes into the universe....Tony
  5. Your site is awesome .I need help with this guitar I have carried around since the seventies . I thought it was an es 175 , I hope you can shed the right light on it . It has the marking "W 3160 29 " in it .Please tell me about it .history , collectability and relative value .It plays very nicely .sounds so clesr and loud ,and is very easy to look at , despite the checking . The neck is fine. Thank you in advance .
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