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  1. I'm delighted for you, MissouriPicker. I know you'll treasure it. The Montana Gold looks and sounds gorgeous in videos. I've never bought from Wildwood, being in the UK, but I like Greg Koch's videos.
  2. This is very moving. Thank you for sharing it. Condolences on your loss, but what a way to honor him.
  3. I just watched the Lawrence Welk Singers do One Toke Over The Line. MAGIC. Thank you, @PatriotsBiker
  4. It is is a really nice thing to do for someone to gift them a guitar. And giving them a Gibson is all the more special. I'll add yet another voice to say that it would be a very safe bet to get a J-45, especially if it's a new one, as the quality is very good once again. There is also a lot to be said for an SJ-200 given your boyfriend likes his Epiphone based on the same model. As others have said it will sound different but the shape will be familiar. I guess it partly depends on whether you think he would prefer something a bit similar or something a bit different. If you can get sound samples that's good. I've had sellers make me short videos and send them over. Little harm in asking. They are unlikely to object if you are seriously considering buying the guitar.
  5. Really appreciate this - thank you.
  6. Lars, it's such a good song. Brilliant lyrics and guitar. I honestly really like your voice. You convey such meaning and everything you sing is utterly believable. You've got a nice tone too. Don't lose faith regarding pitch. Things don't always have to be note perfect but also it's something one can work on. I'd be very proud of that recording.
  7. There's more on Gibson Marks here: https://forum.gibson.com/topic/137001-question-for-gibson-mk-series/
  8. Good looking guitar. The saddle makes it look like the guitar is smiling.
  9. Great to hear you're back in the saddle and enjoy the forum.
  10. Oh no offence taken. It probably is a bit of a negative though. I actually can do an American accent, but it would be a bit weird. Would love to hear you sing A New England, mate!
  11. Thanks, Lars. This is an ongoing issue! I love Americana but have a very plummy British accent. Affecting an American one would not sit right, but I can't bear not to sing these songs. So I think I'll just have to be something of a curiosity!
  12. Looks lovely. They always strike me as a nice size. Parlour sized yet decent bass response.
  13. I added my murderous rendition of Speed Trap Town to the acoustic performance section. https://forum.gibson.com/topic/60851-your-acoustical-performances/page/45/#comments
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