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  1. I'd like a really special National guitar and also a Dobro. The former metal and the latter wood, as per what they are most famous for.
  2. One thing that swung the 1950s-style J-50 for me over the 1960s-style was that the former has a pick-up. Meanwhile, I got it in July and the top is already starting to get more golden. Yummy.
  3. He dug it out for some work with Carole King a while back, but I think that rings a bell and he does think it’s knackered. I know he think guitars wear out more readily than violins and celli. I wouldn’t even ask Willie Nelson if he would sell Trigger, but I might pay him to let me have a play.
  4. Thanks for this, 62burst. In relation to why I tune down, I only play to accompany myself and it suits my voice better. In fact it's been a revelation to tune it down a step. It means I can sing above the guitar and not just below it.
  5. I kind of hope he’d refuse to sell it to me (because it means to much to him), but I might make James Taylor a huge offer for his J-50. And talking of JT, I would likely treat myself to an Olson. But a vintage Gibson J-45 / J-50 / Southern Jumbo / Country Western would probably be my first purchase.
  6. Thanks everyone. I knew you’d come through!
  7. Thank you both, very much.
  8. Although I've done research online, including here, I don't like to make any guitar decisions without directly consulting you lot. I have a couple of issues with my J-50. 1. There's a grey smudge on the binding and part of the top. I'm ashamed to say it may be from a henna tattoo, which would be appallingly careless, but I'm also wondering if it is caused by general rubbing against my forearm - and maybe from a black hoody. Neither a damp cloth nor the otherwise excellent Gibson cream has got it off. I can try to photograph it, but I struggle with tech stuff. Is this smudging a familiar phenomenon and does anyone know a good way to remove it, please? 2. I play without a plectrum and alas strings degrade under my fingers VERY quickly. I've got some coated Elixirs on there, but they sound too shimmery. Given the guitar is new and tuned down a step, could I switch to medium gauge 13s without a truss rod or nut modification without harming the guitar? I want a warm, woody sound, not a bright one. Thanks!
  9. I'll say this: I did a LOT of research trying to find a cheaper guitar that replicated the sound of a J-45 / J-50. I couldn't. On top of that, the build quality of my new, 50s-style J-50 is superb. There are other good guitars, and some of them are a lot cheaper. But only a Gibson sounds like a Gibson.
  10. Thanks very much to bayoubengal for posting this. Jinder! You are a prince among men. We love you man and we are all thinking of you.
  11. I hear you, man. Ain't nothing like a J-45. (Well, apart from a J-50. And a Southern Jumbo. And a Country Western. But yes - they are all essentially the same guitar and it is unparalleled.)
  12. I ordered some Gibson strings off Amazon (UK) the other day. They arrived this week, and I was rather startled to see they'd come from Japan.
  13. I have a Levy's nylon strap that fits nicely on my Gibson J-50. There's a smallish circle but then a line which means the hole can be very big if you want it to be.
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