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  1. Hot DAMN that guitar looks gorgeous, Jinder. Thanks. I’m going to explore.
  2. Thanks very much for the replies everyone, and apologies for the delay in responding. Had some tricky personal stuff going on. I knew I’d get comprehensive and brilliant replies here!
  3. Hi everyone. I posted here a few years ago and got some great advice when I was thinking of getting a Gibson acoustic. I’m now in a position to do so. I definitely want a J-50. I was wondering if anyone had tried the 1960s-style reissue that’s come out this year. (I think the nut width will suit me a little better than the 1950s-style they’ve also made this year.) If so, did it have that authentic and wonderful Gibson thump? I know this is typical for new guitars, but the spruce top looks quite pale. Can I expect it to darken to that gorgeous amber so associated with the J-50? If my last question violates forum rules I apologise. Can anyone recommend a UK shop that sells these guitars with a good set up? Or do they come with one? The other option is to spring for an older J-50. It will be the great guitar purchase of my life*, so I am open to that. For obvious reasons it is impossible to test drive anything right now. Thanks, Tom *You may end up mocking me one day when it turns out that the J-50 doesn’t cure my GAS.
  4. Thank you all of you - you’ve probably saved me nearly a grand. I’m very grateful. I promise to upload footage of the ‘bird or J45 when I get it. Might be a J-50 if I go secondhand, actually!
  5. Hi everyone, I’m saving up for a Gibson acoustic guitar and will almost certainly get either a J-45 or a Hummingbird. I just saw that the cost of 2018 Gibson Hummingbirds in the UK has fallen by about £600 recently (seemingly coinciding with the introduction of 2019 models). My question is whether this is standard or unusual. I understand that Gibson’s problems may mean that this question is hard to answer and that future price fluctuations are harder to predict. I am very open to a secondhand guitar but I have a health problem that is limiting my mobility at the moment, so checking out guitars in person is really tricky. Moreover, members on here have advised me that getting a new Gibson from a reputable dealer sight unseen (and sound unheard) should be fine. (The 2018 models are still “new” in the sense of not being secondhand.) £600 feels like a big drop and £2,400 seems like a good price for a new Hummingbird. It would be a stretch though - if advised that it isn’t a particularly good deal I’ll leave it until I’m more liquid financially. Yet if it is a good price, it might be a false economy not to buy it now. Any advice massively appreciated.
  6. I liked that a lot. You’ve got a lovely voice, both tonally and in terms of expressing emotion. And your rhythm was spot on. It’s much harder than it looks to do adequately what you do very well indeed! Love the Hummingbird too!
  7. I could not agree with this more! I feel physically in pain when I see footage of anybody smashing up a guitar. Customising an instrument so that it plays better? Whole different ball game. Funnily enough I am looking for a J-50 and suspect I’ll want a narrower neck!
  8. TomG76

    J-45 burst

    One of the few benefits of being stuck in the flat is a very big benefit - I’ve been playing far more. The time has come to get a Gibson. Emboldened by you guys, I will do as soon as I can.
  9. TomG76

    J-45 burst

    This is immensely helpful and reassuring, thank you everybody. I’m very glad I joined this forum. And I’ll keep you posted.
  10. Thanks mate - really helpful. I’m loving all this detailed guitar spec talk! I feel like I’ve found a home.
  11. In answer to your question, Dash_Starkiller, I’d never been a fan of the Stones. But the other day I was watching a documentary about Gibson guitars on YouTube and it got to the part where Emmylou Harris singled out Keith Richards as a fantastic rhythm guitarist. I decided to check out his solo acoustic work and loved it. And I have to confess I hadn’t realised how many Stones songs are actually acoustic guitars recorded in a way that makes them sound different. Fired by a realisation that Keith is terrific, I’ve developed an interest in the Rolling Stones at the age of 42 - having got into them via Emmylou Harris! (And indeed via my affection for Gibson guitars.) Funny old world. P.S. Check out a well-refreshed Keith doing a lazy but GORGEOUS version of Make No Mistake on his Dove:
  12. As a related curiosity, here is James Taylor - who famously played a J-50 - in the old Apple studio playing a J-160E, which people think might have belonged to John or George.
  13. TomG76

    J-45 burst

    That’s extremely helpful and reassuring, Jeff. Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone. I’m seriously tempted to buy a 2018 J-45. The tone is out of this world. My dilemma is that I have a health problem that limits my mobility at the moment, so my research has been online - and my purchase may be too. Could I get some advice please? I actually prefer the look of an old J-50 but think the 2018 J-45 has a perfect tone. I’d be reassured if you guys could confirm what I’ve read, i.e. that photos rarely do justice to a sunburst finish. The J45s look pale and washed out in photos. And it’s not entirely easy to tell from video. And do they change like natural tops do over the years? If you think it’s madness to buy without trying, please feel free to say. Maybe I should just wait until I can get about and try them out. But I would like to get my dream guitar soon, I’m hoping new models are more consistent (maybe I’m wrong) and yes, I have to hold my hand up and say that I do care what a guitar looks like, even though sound is paramount. Thank you, Tom
  15. Hi Orfie, I’m as new as you, so don’t really feel it’s my place to welcome you, but I would do otherwise! That honeyburst sounds gorgeous. I’d love to see a picture when you are able. Tom
  16. Thank you, Herman. Great advice. So sorry about the arthritis. Yeah. I’m loving playing. I’m sure you’re right that the thing to do is play a bunch of guitars until one chooses me!
  17. Hi everyone, I’ve been a fan of this site for quite a while now - and thank you for the help it’s already provided as I do some research. I adore Gibson guitars aesthetically, but even more importantly, I do think that the signature, woody mellow tone of a J-45 or a J-50 is a real phenomenon - and the best tone to act as a counterpoint to my voice. I’m saving up for a Gibson acoustic, but I am hamstrung by a mobility issue at the moment and so I’m focusing on research. Regardless, I want to feel reasonably knowledgable before I try out guitars. My dilemma is that I have a very big tummy (albeit one I plan on losing) and quite short fingers, so I am worried that a dreadnaught might be too big for me. I have looked at B25s and LGs and I am used to parlour guitars. Paradoxically, I wonder if a bigger guitar might actually prop up against me more readily and if a thin neck would make it easy enough to play a bigger guitar with a strap. And can a parlour REALLY produce the sound of a J-45 or J-50? I know I’ll need to try this out for myself, but all advice would be welcome. And it’s lovely to be here. When I decided after years of prevaricating that maybe it wasn’t was too late to take up guitar, I never thought I’d become this obsessed. But it’s a nice obsession to have. I look forward to chatting to fellow enthusiasts. And to becoming a Gibsonite myself!
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