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  1. Oddly, you don't know what a saddle retainer is yet you replied to my post? I understand you're just trying to be helpful, thanks.. 🙂 A saddle retainer is a thin wire that goes over the bridge saddles to keep them from falling out. There are 2 holes, one next to the low E and one next to the high E that the retainer wire fits into.
  2. Somehow the retainer on my 95 ES-175 came off and I can't seem to put it back on without it coming off again. Wondering if I even need it since the strings are holding down the saddles? Next string change I'll make the saddle are secure...
  3. Lussda

    P-90 Club!!!!

    I bought this 2018 Gibson Les Paul Classic Player in limited Orange Sunrise last year (I always buy used, this was my first "new" guitar purchase). It came with black plastics, but recently switched them out for creme. Really happy with how it turned out: Before setup (bridge cover replaced): After setup:
  4. Here's a shot with the black guard (plastic film still on):
  5. Thanks man! The Richlite board feels great. I certainly don't notice any difference (I have a few other rosewood and ebony Gibsons). She came with a black switch, I swapped the tip to the aged-amber, something I do on all my full body Gibsons. I am still debating about the guard. For now going to enjoy the guitar in its current state but would also consider white pickup covers and gold knobs later on down the road, something like this:
  6. Just got this a few days ago. Loving the P90s and the AA Figured Maple Top. The finish is a limited Edition Orange Sunburst (exclusively Canadian). Anyone else own the 2018 Classic Player Plus?
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