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  2. No. Only finish crack!
  3. Hey Guys. Thanks for the input. I took it to a luthier and he said its just a finish crack.
  4. Hello, i bought a nice custom, the only thing there are "cracks" near the headstock. It looks like just a finish crack. What do you guys think?
  5. Yes, it has BB 2 and 3. Way too weak. Will be swapping them with 490r and 498t.
  6. Hey Guys. I just bought a Gibson Les Paul Custom Pelham Blue 2011 VOS from the first owner. Does anyone have the specs on this guitar? I’m a 490 498 humbucker guy but he said these were BB 2 and 3? I play in a punkrockband and have shows every week so i’m testing it tomorrow.
  7. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 1977 Les Paul Custom. Does this seem all original? Thanks!
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