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  1. Harrison, As a lefty Beatle fan, I can definitely appreciate the find. Where did you get it? I got a 90's lefty natural casino a couple years ago :)
  2. I have a Lefty 2011 model and I love it !!!
  3. Thanks Jack for the great video review. I recently got a 2001 Natural Standard Casino and love it !! Wish I could really play it :)
  4. I just got my 60th Birthday present last week !!!! After years of searching and not spending outrageous money for one, I got a 2001 Casino in Natural (Saien plant). It is beautiful for a 14 year guitar. It's body is flawless except for some pick scratches on the pickups !!! Now I have the perfect complement to my J160-E :)
  5. Great guitar!! I'm coming up on the 4th anniversary of my 60's Tribute with P-90's. I love the sound of the guitar. The only thing is I wished it had a bound fingerboard. Most winters the fret ends get sharp. I know, I'm not the best when it comes to humidifying the guitar :)
  6. Love the Gibson J160-E. I've had my Lefty for ten years. Got it for my 50th Birthday :)
  7. I have a 2005 and I know that it is a P-100 .. And sorry for the misleading old thread I attached :(
  8. Here is a tread you might want to read: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/60945-new-j-160e-string-advice/ I was told that GHS White Bronze strings were good. I bought a set a couple years ago and never put them on. I play mostly acoustic with it, Elixir Polyweb .11's (I have a 2005 also) :: :)
  9. JLL, Is this a solid-top J160-E?
  10. I have a 2005 J160-E solid-top and it is my main acoustic. I have always used Elixir .11's on it. It is a great guitar and a wonderful feel to it. I have a LR Baggs element under saddle pickup in addition to the P100. It is not the loudest guitar around but you can really lay into it !!!!
  11. onewillyfool .... Go over to here: http://www.leftyfrets.net/index.php You will get the deserved interest. I will point to this thread on that website.
  12. I got a feedback buster and haven't tried to mangle it yet :) I've been using my 2001 Taylor with the Fishman Prefix Blender. I work okay but still a little feedback !
  13. How about in an open mic situation? I have a LR Baggs Element in my J160-E for acoustic alternative. I'm getting feedback because of the monitor in front of me. That's what I'm told. Would a K&K be more or less feedback resistant?
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