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    Thanks! I appreciate all the insight.
  2. Dow

    56 Gold Top

    Thanks for the info! It does indeed sound great through my ‘64 vibro champ, which is a good one. It also sounds good through my peavey classic 212, which I like but it’s not a super-fantastic amp. Surprisingly good with pedals. I’ve just had it since ‘86. Do you think it’s not made with a maple cap to save money on co steuction? Traditionally I understood LP’s were two piece construction. One more question: the wiring in mine is cloth wrapped. Is that original to the guitar or was it upgraded like the tone caps?
  3. Dow

    56 Gold Top

    I totally agree- those p-90’s are supposedly “not as good” as the ones on the “pro” model, but they sound amazing in my rig. Through an EQD Acalpulco Gold it sounds like the roof is falling in. Not fizzy at all, just epic distortion. It’s such a well made guitar too. I’ll never get rid of it. The mini humbucker thing is just my NY love getting the best of me. I’m going to wire in a connector so I can switch it back easily. It may not last.
  4. Hello! So a few months ago I picked up a 56 Gold Top in excellent condition. It’s a 2004 Korean-made model. The previous owner had switched all the hardware to gold, which is a bit much to my eye but the price was right. I peaked in the body and it has orange drop caps and CRA POTS, which I’m assuming was another upgrade by him. My question is this, is this thing really solid mahogany or was it made with an aldar or maple cap? I love the way it sounds with the two p90’s, but I’m going to try it with a mini humbucker in the bridge for a Neil Young type sound. Any insight into the wood would be a huge help. Searching didn’t get me the clarity I’m hoping for. First time poster, so thanks for any help. Btw my other guitar is a firebrand SG I picked up in 1986 for $100, which is without question the best deal I’ve ever gotten in my life. The epiphone plays super well and scratched my Les Paul itch without breaking the bank. Dow
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