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  1. Thanks guys, It sounded great. Nice koa tone-somewhere in between maple and rosewood. Funny thing is, I asked my rep at wilmington to call these places and check the condition. He called like 5 places and told me that each one has something off with it. He said my best bet is to order from gibson. Rob consider yourself lucky you got yours before it was manhandled by kids at GC! My rep was also talking to me about a couple of D42's that they have in the box, which i've heard sound amazing. Totally diff from the gibson look and sound, but still interesting. Oh well, got plenty of time to think since I'd have to wait 4-6 weeks for a gibson delivery of a h'bird koa. Thanks again for the help-what a gross turn of events. JP
  2. Ok, So bad news. I received the h'bird, and found many issues that warranted a return. The worst being the finish showing cracking along the top of the neck-I made sure to acclimate it for over 24hrs and had my humidity/temp set correctly. Anyway, so I ended up returning it and am back to working with GC to have a new one sent in this week. I'm down to three choices and would appreciate help. I'm really torn between these. The third one seems to be cool-except that it's not as symmetrical as the other two. I appreciate the help! here's a link to the full size pics: http://platinum.guitarcenter.com/search/view_listing.cfm?prodId=16825 http://platinum.guitarcenter.com/search/view_listing.cfm?prodId=13892 http://platinum.guitarcenter.com/search/view_listing.cfm?prodId=16248
  3. For a guitar that's priced above the hummingbird - I expected better art-BUT it has an adirondack top with RW back/sides. I bet it sounds great.
  4. I agree, I think the pick guard design is almost children book cartoony-but not fully that. Hmm, not sure how I feel about it.
  5. Thanks Jeremy, I think that's what i'm gonna end up doing. Looking over reviews on amazon now. If there's any that you recommend please share. Thanks JP
  6. Yea, the big ones usually have the digital adjustments. I'm getting a gibson hummingbird custom koa-will be picking it up on friday!!!
  7. These are a lot of good ideas. I think I might end up trying to go with a digital room humidifier that has auto-shut off when it reaches 45%. Do you guys recommend that I get a large one to fill the whole space such as this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012KO7DS/ref=s9_simh_gw_p201_d0_g201_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_r=00WT8Q7JVJAQFHM9VV2E&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=470938811&pf_rd_i=507846 or something smaller to put near the guitar, but would not humidify the whole room? The large unit would probably be about 14ft away. I'm not sure how far away i'd have to keep the small one from the guitar-I obviously wouldn't want the mist to touch the guitar. The large one prob won't run much since the floor plan includes the kitchen and cooking will increase the humidity. What do you guys think would be the most effective method?
  8. I was planning on putting the guitar on my hercules stand, and don't plan on buying a display case for it. Unfortunately, the room the guitar will be in is not a separate room due to the large open floor plan. Maybe i'll check different areas in the room to see if the humidity changes. The guitar is next to a sealed window, but I can see it likely being colder in that area and therefore less humid. I'll try experimenting with different areas in the rooms. Hopefully a solution will come up...
  9. Ok so an update: It looks like that after the salt test calibration that my hygrometer is about 5% over, which means that my room temperatures fluctuate from 33% to 52% range. I'm guessing that this would then be too low to risk a guitar of a high price? If I find a digital room humidifier, does anyone know the recommended distance that I should keep it from the guitar? I really don't want to case this thing, so any alternative ideas would help. Thanks again for the help so far.
  10. looks great, but a little out of my league.
  11. Thanks for the advice so far guys. The case would of course be ideal, but I think it would impede me playing it, and also this guitar is a knock out and I want to be able to display it. The problem with my condo is that living room kitchen dining room and entryway is in an open floor plan. Probably 800 sq feet or so. So it would take a huge humidifier to work that area. Maybe i can keep a small one near the guitar. I'm also in the process of calibrating this humidifier so perhaps that will change some things...
  12. Vintage beauty right there
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys! Dchristo, what a collection wow! Looks like an awesome playing room too! Unfortunately since my apartment faces the sun, the temp reached 85 today (heat was on) and when I looked at the humidigor it was down to 38. Once i switch the air to "cool" it drops pretty quickly and the humidity adjusts. Now is going a little below 40 for a few hours something to worry about? I wonder if leave a bowl of water out near the guitar would make any difference.
  14. Hey everyone, As some of you may know, i'm expecting the arrival of a hummingbird custom koa this week. This would be my first "high end" acoustic, in which my only other high end guitar is my 2006 LP standard. So i'd like to leave it out since it looks to be gorgeous, and have bought a hygrometer to check my area. My condo has a wall of large glass windows and the temp/humidity fluctuates during the day-even with central air. I've been seeing the humidity range from as low as 42 to as high as 56-Right now at 10:30 pm it's at 53%. I know that this is in the safe to somewhat safe zone from what i've read, but couldn't find anything on whether I should be worried about the shift in humidity throughout the day. It's not at a constant humidity. Do you guys think that this humidity range is safe for the guitar? Thanks, and apologies if this has been asked. JP p.s. i'm using this western analog hygrometer: http://www.amazon.com/Analog-Hygrometer-2-25-Western-Humidors/dp/B0007VWEQA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1323747587&sr=8-2 I'd be willing to upgrade if necessary if I decide that the guitar is a keeper.
  15. I agree, nothing material is really perfect, and this will be used, but in a home setting. Don't even get me thinking about pick marks or dings in the binding-i'll prob have a heart attack lol. I guess i just want the quality of the top to match the level of the price, which i'm not saying it doesn't, I just wanted to hear if it's something that's off just from looking at the photo. I don't know much about sitka or what quality is expected for a guitar in this price-and when I saw the differences, I guess I got a little worried. I do think it shows a good level of the figure in the top, which I don't see in many sitka tops. Bob, i really like your point of view. :) Excuse my neuroticism hah
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