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  1. Thanks for the quick replies on this! She has .092 width frets on it now, which feel pretty thin to me...and maybe had the .095 or wider before. FYI I can’t notice any playability issues, but as mentioned, it’s unsightly for sure. Now I have to decide whether or not to keep it or return it as I’d hate to have any issues on a resale if I ever decided to sell it. The rest of this LP Special is in really nice condition, but dang, I paid top money for it.
  2. Here’s the second one that illustrates what I was getting at with the rosewood where it meets the frets. Any thoughts on if this is an issue or nothing to worry about?
  3. Hers the pic and will try another
  4. I’m curious as to if these grooves around the frets were from a sub par job on a refret or perhaps recrown and polish? This is on two different USA LP Specials and would like your input on if this means I should avoid either one? Thanks!
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