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  1. Well they still would price drop it; my brother shopped a gibson les paul classic and got it around $400 off.
  2. Going with sweetwater since they're the safest online that can offer a lower price and they have their 55 point inspection.
  3. Seeing the elite explorer fretboard in person; it's actually darker brown than in photos that shows it looking very orange. The elite resonates a lot more and sounded better imo and I like seeing the mahogany grains under the cherry finish. Lastly the lzzy cost $550 more along with more to probably swap the pickups which was the main deciding factor; could use that to partly upgrade the amp or so.
  4. Update; I'm going for the elite; will be in stock around September from Sweetwater.
  5. Wow that looks really good in black; I'm probably going change it too. Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer and nitrocellulose lacquer are the same? I thought the lzzy has an extra layer(the black) but it did resonance a lot less than the elite; does a better resonating guitar mean a better guitar? I meant if there's a difference in tone. I've read a lot about richlite being lower quality; that it shouldn't be used on higher end guitars and that it doesn't compare to actual wood like ebony or so. I do know the good things about it though but this is one of the things that makes me not want to get the lzzy if it's true. Short answer; I'd like to get a neck sound similar to Dethklok's speed picking tone. Bridge pickup; I guess not too hot but enough to play chunky mute open string stuff.. like the Bark of the moon intro. (will be adding coil splits) I'm kinda a technical guitar player that vamps solo.(progressive music mostly) Two things keeping me from picking the Lzzy explorer; the resin fingerboard(if the complains are true) and the lack of resonance that might be due to the black finish. I do like the looks of it better than the elite and would put on a set of Optima Gold strings if I get it. As for the elite; I like the aged cherry look but wish it had better looking inlays than the dots. Maybe I played a bad lzzy guitar.. going to check a different one on another store. Thanks for the inputs!
  6. Hi all, I'm shopping for a Gibson Explorer but I'm not sure which model to go for. So far I like how both the elite and Lzzy explorer look and sound but I know they're both completely different makes. Mainly different pickups, body finish, and fingerboard material. Pickups are swappable but the other two I have some concern: Nitrocellulose lacquer(elite) vs gloss nitrocellulose nacquer(lzzy).. I've tried both guitars and I think the black gloss finish weights down the resonance heavily as I tested it out unplugged and felt a lack of vibration on the lzzy compared to the elite. I'm not an expert but does a highly resonance guitar means a better guitar? Should this be a a deciding factor? I only had access to one of each guitars so maybe it was just a bad one from the batch? Has anyone else compared them? Lastly Baked Granadillo(elite) vs Richlite is there an actual difference? Both guitars sound good but I can't compare them tonewise since they use different pickups. (Burstbucker/57 Classic) Which model should I go for? I plan on adding Optima Gold strings on it too in the end to complement the gold hardware.
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