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  2. I’m getting the itch to pick up another Les Paul and thought this time around I’d look into an Orville by Gibson or an Elitist. I have found a real nice ‘94 goldtop that is an Orville and a 2004 elitist burst that owner upgraded with Wofletone Dr. Vintage pickups and Faber bridge and stop. Both are the same money. 1k each. I’ve read a lot and it seems like both brands have a loyal following but it seems like many say the elitist are a little better in terms of fit and finish? Which is the better one to go with?
  3. I don’t see where I can add an attachment for a picture? Side note, I played a 2017 traditional LP tribute today at a local music store and I’m definitely happy I decided on the Firebird. The LP sounded good but it’s short and small.
  4. The Firebird got delivered today! I can’t wait to plug it into the plexi!
  5. I’ll definitely be back with a photo or two!
  6. Thanks for the replies! This morning I pulled the trigger on a 2005 Firebird V with Lollar Alnico Firebird pickups RS Guitarworks CTS volume and tone pots from their vintage Firebird electronics kit and banjo tuners via reverb. It looks to be in very good condition. I always wanted a Firebird and they seem to be somewhat rare for a production guitar whereas LP seem to be a dime a dozen availability wise. I will keep you guys posted. My plexi is just begging for this Firebird lol
  7. That’s what I’m saying!!! My picking buddy has an SG and that things looks and feels like a child’s guitar on me lol
  8. Both the birds I’m looking at on reverb are early 2000 models. One sports Lollar pickups and the other sports SD Antiquities. Collins played an explorer in the later LS years. They are a sweet looking guitar but it would have to be A 58 Korina for me and I ain’t got that deeper of pockets.
  9. Same here regarding Skynyrd. Collins and King are two of my favorite pickers. Do you feel the the Firebird or LP is easier to play overall?
  10. Hey all! I need some help on an upcoming purchase. I have been playing a crappy mim Strat for sometime now and now that my playing has improved, I’m looking to purchase a Gibson. I have my two choices narrowed down to either a used Firedbird V Traditional or a used Les Paul 50’s tribute. There are very few guitar stores where I live and they have very limited selections. So, actually trying either out is going to be pretty much impossible. It’s certainly not preferable but I’m going to almost have to buy something aight unseen and go from there. I play mostly late 60’s-70’s classic rock with a strong leaning to Southern Rock. So, tone wise, either will certainly fit the bill. I’m a big guy 6’7” with long fingers. I just got a plexi clone so it’s dying for a Gibson to be plugged into it!! Please fire away!
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