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  1. My 2000 les paul classic has a dark grey paste like substance over the wood,but only the bottom,and then there is a metal plate that the pots all are mounted too.Did Gibson use shielding or some type of paste or paint on the bottom of the control cavity?because its not bare wood and the sides are painted red like the color of the mahogany,or cherry sunburst.If I shield the plastic covers will it help with the crackling and pops?

  2. I have a 2000 Gibson Les Paul classic.Some posts say it was afer a certain year,but my axe is a 2000,its 19 yrs old.Ive read that if its buzzing and you touch the tail peice,the bridge,the strings(because obviously they go thru the tail peice and ride on the saddles of the bridge that everything on the outside is grounded.(Does a abr-1 or nashville bridge make it different in anyway,I don't know because the way each are mounted differently)Also the tunner peg holes that the strings are wrapped around are grounded.I took it to gc and he ran a wire from one pot to the next type thing.In the store it was fine,at home it still humed,so i took a multimeter and touched the leads to the wires he soldied,and then unsoldierd each one,and it beeped the same,after desoldering all the wires everything was grounded good.WHY WOULDNT HE USE A MULTIMETER?He Didnt notice the plate each pot was on?He is the tech,not me.He made a quick $10.00 and now my wiring doesnt look original because you can see the difference in the soldier color and Now I need to get some wick to hopefully remove ugly left over soldier,also the tailpeice to the tunner peg holes all all beeped clearly.

    Ive also read that if there is a hum and you touch anything thats grounded and it silences the hum that its grounded good.Now with the crackle and pop noise from rubbing my hand over the rear covers,I have no idea what to do but maybe use shielding tape and maybe run a peice from the metal plate and run the shieldind around where the plate lays on and that would be grounded also then......will this help? Like the back of a strat pickgaurd? Im frustrated as many are.Some Gibsons didnt even have the plate obviously,so they needed each pot to be soldiered together,also some didnt have a ground going from one of the pots to the pressed in tailpeice bushing that the tailpeice studs screw into. Thru the years they changed it alot,now everyone has a different answer to questions that are still unknown.Ive heard that the nitro finish,or clearcoat builds up static and that causes the crackling and popping.IM FRUSTRAITED,I COULDA GOT A FENDER,A PRS,OR A CUSTOM BUILT GUITAR,BUT I CHOSE THE GIBSON.MY DADS FRIEND BOUGHT IT IN 2001,AND IVE HAD IT FOR ABOUT 3 YRS,BUT NEVER NOTICED THIS.WHY IS IT DOING IT NOW?deoxit d5 didnt help,I cleaned the jack of guitar and amp,I cleaned the pots on the guitar and amp.Im lost,I LOVE MY LESTER😔

  3. Hi guys, long time guitar owner, but first time on this forum.


    I have a 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic (bought it used) and have had constant static electricity problems with it. If you're not familiar, there are many discussions on the topic and videos where just by running your hand up and down the neck, or rubbing your hand across the back (more so over the cavity covers) you can hear popping and crackling through your amp.


    Gibson themselves recommend that you rub dryer sheets to discharge the guitar. Others recommend increasing the relative humidity as dry air exasperates the problem.


    Here's the thing, I can get rid of the static, but I can't keep it from coming back. There's not enough dryer sheets made to keep the guitar static free.


    I friend of mine (who has a PhD in physics) said that it actually sounds like a grounding issue with some of the Gibsons. He said that a dryer sheet essentially chemically coats everything you touch it with positively charged ions, which combines with the electrons statically built up and grounds them. Same as the humidifier, the electrons are grounded through the air. All this because the guitar can't ground itself properly.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a specific weak spot in the wiring that could be causing this?


    Thanks! Hopefully this will lead to a good discussion.

  4. Greetings from Maine I am just an old rocker a young 51 I enjoy most styles of music as long as its good.I am not sure if I am in the right place for introductions but here I am .I love gibsons I have a 1996 Gibson les paul Classic 1960 that I bought in 97 .And I also have a Gibson SJ-200 that I just purchased about 3 months ago that is so far the best acoustic I have ever owned.I tried the Hummingbird pro but it just let me down tone wise it was great when it was dry but any humidity deadened the sound so it lacked tone in the summer months fussy yes I am.

    I also have a lp classic 1960,yr 2000, welcome,im new as well🎸

  5. welcome to the forum bro.


    Eventually you'll go BACK to that tele and realize what a gem those can be. You gotta work a bit more on a Tele, they don't give you anything :) but there is really nothing quite like it when / if you snag a good one.


    see ya round!

    Yur right about it gives you nothing,it makes you work for it lol,but it was a mexican tele,nice but the bridge pickup didnt work so that got to me.and the les paul always stood out of the croud even whn i wasnt into guitars it still grabbed my attention.my dad had the tele,and a strat,and a prs,but my Dad knew i always loved a lp,and his friend had moved and sold 3 guitars cheap,yee its 17 yrs old.But to me its new and i treat it like a baby lol,but thanks brother

  6. The string is steel ,so the magnets on the pickups shouldnt be to close to the pickups or it can actually make sustain end end quicker and ruin the tone somewhat,yes they will be louder but at a cost,so no its not for cosmetics lol.also the pickups being each at a different heigth can change the tone,and if the string is not right over the magnet it plays with the string,its a magnet and the string as its picked rotates like a jumping rope,if it isnt right over the magnet,the magnet will try to draw the string towards the magnet center,if the pickups are at the right heigth they arent as loud,but thier picking up the sound,with a better sound,more sustain in the string without affecting what the string is trying to do,or affecting what you are playing.Tone wise,how long that tone lasts,also the hole pickup can be raised or lowered to gain highs or more lows.To each his own,but each pole peice can be adjusted also if you have to much tone from a certain string.hope this helps.But yes my low e sattle is cut more toward the edge of the fretboard and its not perfectly over the center.I guess thats why my string is trying to slide of the edge lol,im new and learning as i go.Hope it helps.But yee bone or that tusk xl ive heard good things.I have heard that in bone there are inconsistencies in hardness,where the tusk xl is man made ivory or tusk or whtever inpregnated with graphite or whatnot.But to be more vintage correct im sure they picked bone.Best of luck brother

  7. Hello Kidblast. Thanks for the response.


    Didn't notice the HP. It does have a wider than normal neck - 1.745". Not sure if the string distance is wider as well?


    The 2015 Les Paul's had a 1.795" nut width but still had stock string spacing. Not sure if I can get a new nut from maybe Graph Tech that spreads the strings out to maximize the fretboard space?


    Again thanks for the response.

    I would be carefull though,i think someone tryed that on the one im playing and the strings all match up on the pickup magnets,but the low e string on the fret board seems to want to slide off the fretboard,either that or i been practicing for a yr doing something wrong.Hope you found or find what you are looking for.Rock on brother🎸

  8. New to this forum,hope im in the right place to introduce myself lol. I'm just a person new to guitars overall.Started a yr ago on a tele.I didnt like anything about it.Mind you theese are my pops guitars.He brought out a Gibson les paul!A 2000 cherry sunburst lp classis with the yellowish inlays with the 1960 thin taper neck and abr_1 bridge.Im just lucky to play a lp,let alone own one.but ima just call it mine😍!Hope everyone has a goodnight after my long introduction😁

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