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  1. Hi

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  2. I have a Les Paul R8 with ABR bridge and it makes no sense to me. The Nashville bridge is easily adjustable, the ABR you need to somehow get your screwdriver in from the pickup end. Really not very ergonomic IMHO I do love my Gibsons tho, I started life as a Fender man who has seen the error of his ways. Still have my original '79 Strat tho.......
  3. juliang

    My new Les Paul

    That guitar looks fantastic!!! If it sounds half as good as it looks it'll be a keeper. Congrats!
  4. Guitar has P90's. The pickup cover has 2 screws to attach it to the body. That is what I think you are seeing, the polepieces are actually lower and virtually in the cover. The back of the neck looks like he has just taken off the finish but.......... Make sure before parting with cash, the price is right for sure.
  5. So I just bought this, apparently dude lost his job. The plastic is still on the pick guard and it is totally as new. Very happy with this guitar, weight relieved but still has inlays not dots. For 2017 pickups are 490 neck and bridge. I have an SG with 490 in the neck and they sound so different it's not true. So all this talk of tone woods and construction not making a difference, I am not sold. Sounds very different to me, even though the pickup is the same. FYI, it's a great guitar
  6. It's subjective but to me they sounded a little harsh. When well overdriven they respond well but lack a little warmth for my taste.
  7. So I found a good deal on a 490R and a 498T pickup. I swapped them for the 61's and I must say, I'm now very happy. The 61's sound great just not my taste. I'm totally happy with my SG now.
  8. I have a 2018 SG standard which has these 61 pickups, identified by R and T , clear which is which. The SG standard 2019 has abandoned these pickups, However...... The SG standard 61 has what are called 61 Burstbucker pickups. Does anyone know if these are the same and it's just marketing or if they are a different pickup?
  9. Newbie here living 35 miles from Nashville, TN. I bought my first Gibson SG in 1992 and have seen a few Gibsons come and go in that time. I have settled on an R8 from 2016 and just purchased a 2018 SG standard from GC in Nashville. Originally from England, just happened to land in Nashville and I love it. Great guitars, great hockey team a but not a fan of country music, please don't stone me!!
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