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  1. That 66 with the blade pickups seems to be calling out to me. The gassing is probably due to the different materials they use in the plastics in those time frames? There is something to be said about those old mono recordings.
  2. Duane, do you still have the other Hofner? If so how does this compare with the this one. This new one looks pretty sweet! 😍
  3. That is really looking sweet. If it were me, I would be afraid to go any further. LOL
  4. Sorry bro, you got yourself to blame on this one. I have to admit I'm disappointed…
  5. Kinda like a woman... 😉
  6. All FENDER Telecasters.
  7. Spank the Monkey - Little Bill through Kentucky Jelly 🙂
  8. Thank you my friend! You're an awesome dude yourself!!!
  9. Just curious. Do play guitar or even own one. Do you even listen to music at all? You never seem to contribute anything to what this forum represents. You just appear to have a boner for Sgt. Pepper. I have nothing more to say. I'm just hasd to ask...
  10. That wasn't from the vinyl....
  11. What about that blow up one we been passing back and forth?
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