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  1. Hi DBS! This Les Paul has modifications to include the the pickups, those switches you are asking about, and the tremblo system. There may be more that is not shown in your pics. To get an idea what it originally looked like, take a look at the video Steve Ford posted. As far as being "ripped off" that's just a matter of opinion. If your son is happy, that's all that matters.
  2. I had the same issue with my last experience with them!! The package also required a signature, the driver just handed it to me with a bit of an attitude and walked off.
  3. I have nothing but problem with FedEx! Why people continue to use them is beyond me. They claim there were delivery attempts to my home and when there wasn't, they lose and damage packages. When I ship things out, I go UPS.
  4. Ditto! All my electronics are hanging on the wall, it inspires me to play them. The only issue I encounter is dust. My acoustics stay in their cases.
  5. Something kinky in the bedroom perhaps? 🤔
  6. Big Bill


    ...or someone's ghost account.
  7. A bit of a "Ghostly" figure!
  8. The serial number is on the back of the head stock as RTC as stated. Why its faded, god only knows. Maybe under some better lighting you can see it better. That is a nice Lester, to bad you feel the need to sell it!
  9. You should see the "Third" someone posted here!
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