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  1. "The bathroom on the right" I heard that too, but knew I was hearing it wrong. Its like that yacht rock song "It' magic I know, never believe it's not so". I knew what they were singing, but I cant help but hear "It's my d! ck, never believe it's not so..."
  2. "Jose can you see by the dawns early light" I thought this for years when I was a kid.
  3. Kind of describes a bad date I once had!!
  4. Now this is fresh. I dig it!
  5. I'm still surprised on how many kids I come across digging the Beatles. I don't there will ever be a Beatlemania, but I think there would be more of an impact that would think.
  6. Big Bill

    Fret Question

    Maybe you need a fret dress?
  7. My wife said that same thing to me just the other day!!!
  8. I can see how you would be concerned, I guess it could appear as a mar to some folks. Like the rest of the responses, all I see is a nice looking guitar with some nice wood grain. I wouldn't call it a natural imperfection either, that just how the tree grows. Check out mine below, you can see the same type of grain patterns.
  9. I think your fretting (no pun intended) over the wood grain. To me, that's what makes wood like this amazing, how nature spins these cool shapes and patterns. The 50s Standard comes with a AA maple top which is not as fancy as the reissues and such. I just purchased the same guitar and I love it and I'm sure you will too.
  10. I prefer brunettes, but that is a nice amp. Congrats!!
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