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  1. Hell, you and I sat out back by the dumpster just this past weekend and killed two bottles of strawberry Boonses Farm.
  2. Man, kid that really suck, especially during this time. I am glad you are safe. Now that you have been through the full test, which was "the one guitar" you ran back in the house to rescue.
  3. Big Bill


    Thanks for asking, I decided to upgrade the electronics, wasn't please with the pots and switch. Replacing them with an Emerson harness.
  4. What was wrong with this one?
  5. Big Bill


    I'm sure there were a lot of folks that knew it was an Epi without seeing the headstock... It certainly isn't a Gibson, but it's the nicest Epi I ever played outside of their higher end arch tops. Like Gibson, they're putting a positive foot forward.
  6. Big Bill


    Thanks gents. I really dig this guitar, it's much more than I was expecting. I purposely left the headstock pics out because I wanted to give a nice opinion. This an Inspired by Gibson Epiphone. I bought brand new for a project guitar, put new electrics, pups, tuners... To my surprise, this thing is pretty sweet. This is without the nicest budget guitar I have ever played. The quality is such that I do not feel the need to upgrade anything on this, it would be stupid to. Pups scream when I want and clean and blue when not, hell they're even braided. The tuners are very good, stay in tune nicely. Only thing I had to do was set the relief on the neck. They even put the wings on the headstock
  7. Big Bill


    I'll be emaciated will a dirty bum... and rockin!!!
  8. Big Bill


    I got me some P90s, SG Classic!!
  9. Hi Juan! You might get more action if you use this section of the forum. Your post are not translating well. Gibson forum in Spanish
  10. I would leave my wife for that guitar!!
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