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  1. Perhaps your luthier can recommend a guy to rewind the pickup. Its an Inexpensive procedure.
  2. On the world wide web you can own as many guitars as you say you have. 😉 I would have to guess I have owned around 35 in my life mostly Fenders. I currently have 12 guitars to include a mandolin, lap steel guitar, and a Persian sitar
  3. I know you say that in jest, but I think you may have found a way to make some quick cash. Wonderful idea! Some stickers for our guitar cases....? EDIT: Patent that idea real quick!
  4. Ahh I see!! (said the blind man) I wish Grover would come out with a one hole version to put on my LP Standard.
  5. If I want a guitar shaped like a Les Paul, I will buy a Les Paul. If I want a guitar shaped like a Stratocaster, I will buy a Stratocaster. Both Fender and Gibson have cheap versions of their "iconic" brands. Epipihone, Squire, yada, yada, yada. I never been drawn to Dean, their guitars are made to appeal to the Metal Heads. I'm in your camp, I don't give two shitz about the law suit, but I do find the approach stupid.
  6. Wow Chris, I didn't see it as a slam on the consumer but I can see where someone can take it and such. I perceive this whole lawsuit stuff as a way for Gibson to get themselves out of the red. It's a bit desperate move IMHO.
  7. Grover tuners only have on screw attaching them to the head stock, so you will have exposed screw holes from the Schallers...
  8. Big Bill


    That's the problem with guitar players, we always end up in the red!!! ("Well, I'll sell this amp, a few pedals, and this old guitar I have under the bed. That should cover the new Les Paul.") Never quite works out like its planned.
  9. Oh man, snot and food!! That would have messed up you screen...
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