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  1. Serials number can be copied too. I would call Gibson with that serial number and they will tell you if it matches that guitar. It's just two pics, so it may just be the angle but it does appear that something is off. USA: 1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766)
  2. I love my 339, this guitar has become a part of my family!!
  3. Big Bill


    Well there will be no talking to you now! Congrats, she a beauty
  4. Big Bill


    You're easy to please. 😏
  5. Oh I hate them!!! You work real hard, think your in there and then they put you on their buddy list!! Pisses me off!!! I hate being on the buddy list!
  6. Wow, that is very nice!! Congrats!!
  7. I always though they were condoms. I always wonder why they were only sold in music stores. πŸ€”
  8. Sweetwater was nice enough to throw in the gig bag!
  9. "I got my first real first g-string - bought from some perv online"
  10. I have you a laugh for that dad joke!! ☺️
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