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  1. Hey Pip, nice to see you!! You would think someone would have been kind enough to pull Paul aside and tell him he had a visible booger in his nose prior to shooting this!
  2. I didn't realize this was a competition of who was right and who was wrong.
  3. It's from a file when they were dressing the frets. 00000 steel wool will smooth that out if it's really bothering you. I would leave it be as others suggest.
  4. I'm more excite about the camera upgrade! ...and yes, I am digging the hell out of that Tele!
  5. I know there's a gent in the Epi forum that had one hell of a wiki going, very detailed. You may want to focus a search in that section. https://forum.gibson.com/forum/47-epiphone/
  6. The ONLY reason I went with the 339 over the 335 was the price tag, size had nothing to do with it. I would have preferred the 335 of course, however I do NOT have any regrets for purchasing the 339. The 339 has been a joy to play and I see it always being a part of my arsenal.
  7. Was more impressed with the that Tele. Was anybody else put in mind of The Kids in the Hall?
  8. He used to date merciful-evans grandmothers' neighbor!
  9. I don't care what year or what happened to that SG, that thing is CLASS A and SWEET!! I hope you have years of enjoyment out of that thing!!
  10. When you get a phone call at 2:00 am with heavy breathing and fast slapping sounds, just tell Pepper to behave and it will stop.
  11. If someone is looking for flaws, they will find them.
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