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  1. Sniff sniff, ...P90s...
  2. You never been bar hopping with me!
  3. I just purchase an Inspired by Gibson Hummingbird 12 String, I have absolutely no regrets. I will go as far to say that this is the best playing Epiphone I have ever played and I played some nice Epiphones too
  4. Dude, you're on a roll this week! Kept it clean too. I salute you!!
  5. He must be behind on his mortgage
  6. (555) 867-3827 This is the number to a painter that will help you out with those walls! Tell him Big Bill sent ya.
  7. Oh Pinch that thing is AWSOME!!!!!
  8. This should do the trick. If not get another t-shirt and use Virtuoso Premium Cleaner.
  9. Nice looking SG, good luck with the sale. As Scales suggests, stick around! You would fit in nicely with our forum!
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