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  1. Well, now you need to start a new thread showing off that new Lester!! We would love to see it!!!
  2. Is that Brunette available around 10:00? I helped pay for that Escape you have!
  3. Dude, you're one of the biggest pimps in South Jersey!
  4. The worse part is breaking down at the end of the night. I agree, it's not worth the extra $100 I would get. I will never play in another working band.
  5. Best I can do is busk for a sandwich and some change. If not, I have to work the dumpster at night.
  6. I have a case of EB 9s in my guitar man cave. When it's depleted, I will buy another.
  7. Why do I get the feeling that Ernie Ball would be very successful in th condom industry?
  8. 1970s CBS. "It's 8 o'clock, do you know where you guitars are?"
  9. Well, look at what you get for $65... The Squire of the shipping industry.
  10. It's a long drive for those little white Jeeps. Can you imagine all the pee stops...?
  11. USPS is for letters only. I do not trust for anything else. Yes their tracking system sucks, I would not trust it.
  12. You just watched the movie Lighthouse too huh? That flick is warped..
  13. Oh lord, I tried that and the weirdos came out of the woodwork. One day I will tell the stories when I get out of therapy. Until then, I'm sticking to Ebay and Reverb.
  14. You just a to be different didn't you? 🧐
  15. Bingo!! Reissue are nice, but a brand new Standard a that Custom are nothing at all to sneeze at. I think the consensus is to hold onto those Lesters.
  16. IMHO the other guy is getting the better of the deal.
  17. That has to be the nicest Explorer I have ever seen!
  18. This is the only thing that makes sense to me.
  19. I'm willing to bet this will do the trick.
  20. I have to say my ES-339. I can get about any tone I'm looking for out of that thing, plays nice and clean and can get down right dirty when I want it to. Those 57 Classics are awesome!
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