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  1. I'm from Detroit. Spent this vacation farther north in the Traverse City area.
  2. I'm on vacation and visiting my home state of Michigan. I got so nostalgic that I rubbed one out in my childhood bedroom. Wasn't the same as 45 years ago.
  3. Sorry Uncle Social, this is our way of welcoming you into the family.
  4. Do you think that's funny? Are you trying to make a point? That's is just plain stupid! I think you owe some apologies to both sides of the pond on this one. Do you under stand... good god man,use your head. Now I know why my dear friends have left this forum, this place has gotten sick. The moderators here really need to grow some balls Using the word of the great Pip, "I'm out of here!"
  5. Oh man, couldn't get more fake as that. Sorry my friend.
  6. Brad, I need you to look into this and insure this is taken care of.
  7. Wow, I usually see them eating into the nitro, this looks like the nibs on the cushion gnawing away at the black veneer little by little. Not so much a chemical reaction like other stands. That's what it looks like to me anyway. I will take your post to heart. I agree with you 100%
  8. My oldest boy once asked me if I ever smelled moth balls. I said, "Hell yeah, they smell terrible!" The little prick then asked, "How did you get their little legs apart?"
  9. Brother, I just bought cyber beer!
  10. There ya go, can't state it better than that. Post of the day award!!
  11. I had a riding mower, it impacted my lawn.
  12. I have to join in and say 59s are the better off the two. To be honest, I really dislike BBs in any form. If I buy a Gibby that have them in, out they go.
  13. Any response after this shows how weak your self control is.
  14. My boys are in their twenties and I do not let them mow my lawn. They **** it up, so I do it myself. They leave little mohawks an undone patches. I swear they do it on purpose.
  15. It's wrong, but I would do it.
  16. Why do you always come out like this? Dude, you're one hell of a bore. At this point I have you on ignore, not that you'll lose any sleep. I would be willing to bet you're a very lonely soul.
  17. I was in the USAF, and I think I know exactly what tape you're talking about. I took a large spool of it home with me. Lasted me almost over 20 years. The glue stuck to everything. I ended up throwing it out because what was left was unusable.
  18. I'm a duct tape man myself, but I am glad to see your alumni from the same college of engineering as I am.
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