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  1. P-100's are nice pickups, IMHO. I have 2 guitars with them...both Gibson LP "Junior lite's." One Red ("Cinnamon") and one Gloss Black.

    Both are Double Cutaway, with mini-trapezoid fingerboard markers, as opposed to "dot" markers. They were only made a couple (3?)

    years. Some feel, however, that the P-100's lack the "roundness" and overt "growl" that a true P-90 has. I concur, with that

    in some respects. But, I love the no noise, and their own kind of "tone," as well. Never had any problem getting the sound I

    want, out of them! So...??? To each his/her own.











    Thanks for offering some insight into the differences between these two PUs. Thanks also for sharing the pics. Like the gold hardware on that Black one. Very nice. [thumbup]



  2. The information on the web report that the Green 1998 Gibson Les Special's stock pickups are P-100's..



    Reverb has had a lot of them in the past listed as Les Paul Special ranging from $800 to $1400 depending on condition. The faded cherry or black versions go for less about $400 to $800.


    wow! thanks so much for all the info. I appreciate your helpful and timely responses.



  3. Is this a 98 Les Paul Special Single Cut? Is it a Faded model?


    Single Cutaway, black pickguard. It is forest green that has some gloss to it... to be honest, I am not sure if it qualifies as a faded but with the flat top (no carved top) and rather glossy finish, I don't think so. Not sure when they started making the Faded series. The guitar does not have a bolt-on neck.


    Hope that answers your questions.


    Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my post.



  4. Welcome to the forum. msp_thumbup.gif My oldest sister was a music teacher and is retired now. My wife also was a teacher and taught special ed. at Westside. I'm in Nebraska, Hope you enjoy it here.


    Very nice to hear from you! I work for the interlocal myself. It is a small world indeed. [biggrin]

  5. I had a Black 98 Special. P-100s. MAN I should have kept that guitar.





    Thanks rct! I appreciate the feedback.


    Let me throw this out to everyone. IF you had a 98 Special would you keep the p100s or replace them with something else?


    I know much of this is preference, but I would love feedback from people who have been down this road.



  6. Greetings from Southeast Kansas own a Les Paul Special. I have owned a 135 in the past but I think a 335 would be more to my style. I also play a 510 Taylor, Parker P-52, and Fender Strat. I was a music/band teacher for many years but now music is a passion, not a living. I have enjoyed your insightful comments and advice on the forum and look forward to being a member.

  7. I have a 1998 LP Special Made at the Nashville Plant. It has two soap bar pickups. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what pickups were put in these guitars? P100's, P90s, or something else?


    I appreciate your feedback. [biggrin]

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