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  2. Thank you for your answers. I recently installed a L.R. Baggs M80 magnetic sound hole pickup in a 1976 Fender with 12 strings. I like the pickup a lot and I was thinking about putting one in my Songbird as well.
  3. Sorry. I did attach files when creating the post. Maybe I did something wrong.
  4. Hello :) I own a Gibson Songbird Deluxe and would like to know if anyone here knows what pickup was built in. I bought it new around 2000 (date, not price) at a music store in Frankfurt, Germany. Back then I did not care much what pickup was used. The quality of the guitar is outstanding, it is still my main guitar. When googeling the guitar, on all the pictures I found there is a totally different pickup installed - one with a battery (9V) compartment and some sliders for tone adjustments. My guitar just has a small fitting for a 9V battery under the sound hole and a jack for the cable. The pickup has a very low output level compared to other acoustics I use. Thank you in advance for any infos. Cheers Marcel
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