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  1. Up for sale is a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special in Wine Red. Dual Gibson P90's. Stop tail with tune-o-matic bridge. Kluson Deluxe tulip tuners. Original 375k pots have been replaced with 500K's. Original switch was broken off and has been replaced. Some dings and scratches throughout, typical of a used guitar. Some buckle rash on the back. You can feel it with your finger but doesn't go through the finish. Hard to photograph. On each side of the headstock there are spots where the finish reacted with a stand. I will post more pictures as I can take them. More pics here: http://www.tdpri.
  2. I have to use a thumb pick for ragtime/Travis picking type stuff if palm muting to get that vamping sound. I just can’t seem to get it right with just my thumb and get any volume. Thumb pick took a while to get used to but it’s second nature now and gives good volume from the bass strings.
  3. .73 is a bit on the thin side for me but I’m all about the idea of shaping up a 2.00 pick to replace a $40 one.
  4. I like the red finish but I can’t get past the pick guards.
  5. Thought I’d share...
  6. That break angle and saddle height looks fine. How high is the action?
  7. I don't know how that can be discerned without a photo from the side of the saddle. Did I miss that picture?
  8. If it's just an old Harmony I'd just bolt the bridge back on and not care what it looks like to see if you can make it functional but that's me. I wouldn't do it to a nice guitar though. Most of the cheap Harmonys didn't survive in playable condition.
  9. Guild for sure. According to Wikipedia it's a JF65-12.
  10. The neck is also bound. There may be other minor cosmetic differences but I'm no expert.
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