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  1. I don't loosen them. Never in almost 40 years had any problems.
  2. They are now in place and they sound great. One day I will buy banjo tuners too, and then it is perfect.
  3. I ordered SD seymourized minis for both bridge and neck.The possibility to split them into single coils was a deciding factor.
  4. The original pickups cut through very well with the band and sound ok with earplugs on. But somewhat icepicky when playing alone without hearing protection.
  5. I just checked the resistance of my Epiphone Firebird's pickups. Both were 14,26 kohm. I'm beginning to think they sound a bit harsh. I guess they are both similar pickups. I'm considering trying a SD seymorized mini for bridge and SD vintage mini for neck.
  6. Ebay just emailed me that there is one for sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Epiphone-Custom-Shop-Limited-Edition-Firebird-V-Electric-Guitar-/123147793042?_ul=FI A week ago there was a similar one in Finland for under 400€. Edit: it's still there, but says sold. https://muusikoiden.net/tori/ilmoitus/1386315
  7. I lowered the pickups of Tokai and adjusted the screws high. Now a lot brighter tone.
  8. Is that an Epiphone? Looks just like mine, except for banjo-tuners (which are of course right for Firebird). Mine has grovers. 1-ply on mine too.
  9. I'm happy with FB sound, not going to change anything in it now. I was already going to service my Tokai. I'll try the metal covers. If it doesn't change, I'll just use it when I play in trio lineup. Fatter sound is OK then.
  10. I don't make any impulse acquisitions. Last guitar (Epi Firebird) I bought I have been wanting for decades. The 2 guitars I have mostly played for about 25 years are Fender Stratocaster '79 and Tokai Love Rock '85, both of which I bought used. I've had the same amp Orange Dual Terror about 10 years, am happy with it and don't need another. Sometimes I buy effects or recording gear, maybe every year something. I guess it's getting less all the time. I have everything I need. I even think this Firebird may be the last guitar I buy But the other gas I'm having more and more...
  11. Beautiful SG:s. Yes, my FB is neck through body. I'm happy with it. A real Gibson would be a bit too much for me. I think this one is really as good. At least it feels a lot better than my friends Gibson SG and other friends Melody Makers.
  12. Have played 3 rehearsals with Firebird and I love it. Bright sound and cuts through very well. I'm even thinking of replacing The pickups of my ole Tokai Love Rock with something similar tonewise. It now has SD JB / '59 combo. A lot muddier than the Firebird pickups. Any recommendations for replacements of full size humbuckers?.
  13. I have noticed too that it seems really "limited". I have found a couple of these white ones and some other colours. Nyt not much information really. Must someday take off the pickups and see if there's any hints there. I like the sound, but I'm curious. Also then I can see the wood, which I think is mahogany, but can't be sure, before checking out. Here seems to be a similar one
  14. At least Panasonic mic switches are considered high quality.
  15. Really? I've never heard of Panasonic pickups. Any info of them?
  16. I almost bought a worn cherry Firebird Studio with set neck and normal humbuckers. At the last moment noticed this. I'm so happy with it. Been wanting a Firebird for almost 30 years.
  17. The serial tells that: Your guitar was made at the Unsung Plant, Korea on August, 2007 Production Number: 1570
  18. I bought this Epiphone Firebird V Custom Shop Limited Edition 2007 guitar. Great guitar. Does anybody know which brand are the mini humbuckers in it?
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