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  1. In principle a good Approach from Gibson, the new design of the string bags looks nice. A problem for me - - I do not like any coated strings. Even if the differences in the "feeling" of coated strings gets better and better they make no sense for me as I have very dry hands and I have no Advantage of the longer lifetime of coated strings as they get dents of the frets in the "campfire positions" and have to be changed because they are mechinally "dead". - I am using Gibson Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 strings on my Gibsons, 80/20 more on mahogany instruments, Phospor Bronze on maple bodies. If the 80/20 strings would be stopped would be a loss for me. Anyhow - I still hope that Gibson will add uncoated strings and 80/20 strings to their product line. By the way - did anybody try strings from Pyramid? they have a round core, no "hex" core. I have heard that this can lead to handling problems by cutting the strings at the tuning pegs.
  2. When I´m back home: - Fairground Attraction - "Perfect" - Willin´, Comfortably Numb, You´ve Got A Friend and "Walkin In Memphis" which does not work in the band. We have a very good piano player, but Marc Cohn built in some tricky syncopated parts where the "1" shifts to "4+" or vice versa and it is hard to catch the singer and the drummer, even if this song sounds correct if you play it alone on guitar. Needed the songs for a jam session / open stage. Guitars: Maple AJ, Humminbird and a D28
  3. Any news concerning this topic? As I have no good feeling and experience in uploading photos to external storage sites and cannot delete my attachments here I have no chance to show new pictures ..... Thank you for any hint.
  4. Does anybody know if Heartworn Highways has been published on DVD with a country code working in Europe or even better Germany? Does a BluRay Version exist?
  5. Guth, Thank you for the information! Will stay at 12ths at the moment as the maple AJ is playing so comfortably. My Martins with 13s and a typical higher action are hard to play compared to the AJ. As you are using 13s for 7 years on your AJ I will trust in the stability of these instruments. I like maple ... the number of maple Gibsons in my stable is higher than the mahogany versions at the moment. I have no rosewood Gibsons as the rosewood AJ I have tested sounded too close to my D35. It is interesting to hear the differences between the maple guitars. I am enjoying my maple AJ more and more - it is one of the easiest to play and best sounding guitars I have. As I wrote above, it is getting better and better while playing, no idea what happend to it in the last 3 years and during the shipping. I take it out of the case in every free minute. Have more time as we have a long weekend due to Pentecost holiday on Monday. So more hours for the guitar. And intersting to compare it to the at least optical "little sister" J-35 - ok, they are different anyhow. The funny thing about the maple AJ is that guitars of the 65 pieces series Jinder has mentioned is that they have obviously been spread all over world and I found the "new old stock" by success in the store in Berlin - same where I found a red spruce J-185 some months ago. In Germany you can find the standard Gibson acoustic models at about 10 shops, some of them "5 Star Dealers", but no special instruments like AJs.
  6. Jinder, Thank you again for this Information. The maple AJ is my only Gisbon which gives a strange Feeling as if 12s or too thin ... difficult to describe. I do not have this feeling with SJ 200s or my Dove. Ok, my Martins have 13s mounted, but this is another topic. The AJ needs some playing, it was played in the store due to the small traces on the guitar, but not regularly. So I am expecting further sound improvement. Doc
  7. Had the chance to play the guitar last night. Yes, a fine instrument! Even use of a capo works (the famous "Here Comes The Sun" Position or 3rd/4th fret Bluegrass licks). Single notes are coming precisely and clear, strumming sounds good, too. The setup is very good for me, just started playing. The first Impression after opening the case was - they packed a J35 by mistake, they look similar, but of course not the neck. I could no verify the stories about "AJ ist the loudest guitar of the world" - my HD28 and my SJ 200 AN are still louder - if loundness is a criterion . It has a good volume, that´s ok for me, have not to fight with a Banjo in the band. I compared the maple AJ with my Dove. The only difference is the "slope" oder "square" shoulder and the wood of the neck, but they sound totally differnt. The Dove has much more low end than the AJ (both Gibson 12 to 53 strings). The dove is even heavier. Jinder - you wrote that you gave 013s on the AJ - any problems with the small bridge caused by this? I would like to try it after the first string set is done, but is the AJ really robust enough?
  8. It is here - "Advanced Jumbo Deluxe Custom Shop" - serial number 10426012 - a "Certificate of Authenticity" is in the case. The guitar is in very good conditions, some small traces of playing, seems that it was in a showroom and the colour of the top looks as if it has seen some daylight over a longer period. Had no chance to play it longer just a visual check. Neck is ok, playability from the first few chords, too. It was shipped with new strings and an inspection checklist of the store. Maple AJs seem not to be the most preferred guitars in this store, the original price tag hanging at the case shows 550€ more than I have payed. So we have a very exclusive Instrument
  9. My 2016 SJ200 VS really has a "macroscopic" dent in the fretboard, around 10th fret under e- and b-string. No idea what has happend, it was already there when I received the guitar, had no chance to see or test it at the store. Frets and strings have not been damaged. After some treatment with fretboard oil (which I had to do anyhow as it was completely dry) the dent did not look as bad as before. And now after 1,5 years it is forgotten, there are other small dents caused by playing over the whole guitar. The rest of the guitar is fine, sounds good. Of course if you pay > 3.000 € for an instrument it should be perfect, needs a lot of working time to earn the money.
  10. Thank you for this interesting report. I have the latest three Steve Earle Albums (CDs to be more precise, I´m stuck between Vinyl and Streaming) and I like them, especially the "Guy" album as he has a Pedal Steel in the band. Unfortunately will never have to chance to see him in concert as he is not are not very often touring in Germany. And yes - he plays Martins, at least in all or most Youtube videos I have seen.
  11. It is still not shipped - just had a call with Just Music. But it will go out this afternoon.
  12. Congratulations - Stones songs and Hummingbirds are a good comination! I hope the dog likes it too ...
  13. Gibson Masterbuilts 80/20 or Phosphor Bronze work both for me - changing between both types, mostly using 80/20 on all guitars with mahogany back and sides and Phosphor Bronze on maple versions. D´Addario work also, even Martin Lifespan, the Gibsons don´t throw them off. Coated strings make not much sence for me as I have very dry hands and I have to change the un-corroded coated strings as they show mechanical fatique or dents at the fret positions. So they will not stay 3x longer and the guitar which would compensate the higher price.
  14. SJ200 VS and J35 But my HD28 is louder than all Gibsons - medium strings.
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