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  1. The ‚dead end‘ of the piezo ribbon was a part of the problem of my Dove, too. I cut off about 4 Millimeters without damaging the thing - maybe I was just lucky. This brought some improvement, as I did not check the bridge saddle at this time. Another argument for not using Pietros and sit in front of a good microphone without moving - better for older guitar pickers who need no stage show anymore 😀.
  2. It is - and no one knows it as most of the "normal" guitar pickers over in Europe who had ever a Gibson acoustic in their hands know J45s - which can be seen a lot in TV music shows, Hummingbirds - at least the older guys and Rolling Stones fans and SJ-200s - because they can´t be missed optically. I am glad to find it in an music store. It Looks a little like the "big brother" of my J35
  3. Larsongs, do you really use Fender tube amps for acoustic guitars? That is an interesting approach! I never tried it although I am a huge Fender tube amp fan and have some of them in my stable. Do they provide enough high frequencies for an acoustic guitar? The Fender 100 Acoustic motixlost mentioned above is totally different. I have an ACUS one 8 after testing the small loudbox in a store. The small Fishmann loudbox "mini" is unbeatable in size and weight but it had not enough "boom" for me. I use the acoustic amp is just for situations without PA or for sessions where you do not now which PA you will find there. Coming to motixlost´s question - size and weight are a problem (the ACUS one 8 is quite heavy and not so small for example) but I have started testing smaller amps and ended with a little bigger one. Of course the good stuff starts > 1.000$ but depending on the purpose of application there should be something working under 1.000$. By the way - there is an interesting thread started by Jinder discussing acoustic amps at the high end of the price.
  4. dhanners623 - how do you like the bone saddle? Is it compensated for the B-string? I am just curious, maybe I get some ideas for experiments ... I have some Gibson acoustics now and as I am removing all strings at once to come to the fretboard for cleaning reasons I have found that the saddles of at least 50% of my Gibsons are a little to thin with the effect you describe in your reply. In the worst case this could influence the intonation of the guitar, but maybe the 1 or two Millimeters are not enough - but not nice, as you say, the contact to the bridge and to the Piezo is not optimal, but Dave F writes above, this could even be helpful for the contact to the piezo as the contact area of the saddle is a kind of an edge. I the case of my Dove the saddle was simply grinded in the wrong way by anyone making the setup. Tusq saddles are relatively easy to treat but I would go to a luthier for a bone saddle, too - no experience with this material. Your last sentence is interesting for me because I have the same ideas to build at least some of my Gibsons back to "acoustic". Maybe the removal of the piezo element brings some Millimeters of depth in the slot which avoids tilting of the saddle.
  5. Interesting observation. I am glad that I could fix the problem in my case by a simple replacemement of the saddle. Piezo ribbon and per-amp work. Nevertheless I do not really like the sound of acoustics with piezo pickups but to use the guitar even in a not too loud rock band it is a good compromise.
  6. Thank you for the information! Will try Mediums for the next string change. Maybe I am too carefull to use 13s on Gibson acoustics, as my Martin dreadnoughts seem to be more ‚robust‘ but I have much more Gibsons 😉 as I am fascinated by them.
  7. Question to the experts - which strings did. Gibson use for the SJ-100 1941 model? My guitar was built in 2013. Light or medium strings? I have Gibson Light Phosphor Bronze in the SJ at the moment but it feels as if mediums could work, too.
  8. I have my Dove for quite a long time now and have played it mostly without plugging into an amp or DI-box. The setup of the strings was rather low for my opinion, but it was very easy to play, nothing buzzing or making other noise - so everything was fine and acoustically I did not hear the effect which caused me more grey hait than I already have. The Dove was plugged in an X32 mixer by a Palmer acoustic pocket amp for a rehearsal with my band. Playing around I found that the high e-string was significantly quieter than the other strings. Checking with the level meter of the mixer it was clear that there have been missing some db level from the e-string. Ok - what could be the root cause? Lower string tension of the thinnest string, lower string angle of the string coming out of the bridge, especially as the Dove bridge is rather thick? At the end of the day I removed the saddle and started preparing a new GrapchTec saddle for Gibson applications. After some minutes of grinding of the new saddle I put the old one on a very flat surface and I saw that the lower side of the original saddle (don not know if this setup was still from Gibson or from the store where I have bought the Dove) was not plane - it makes a curve in direction of the lower e-string. Therefore it did not put enought pressure on the VTC piezo element which was placed perfectly in the slot. I have never seen a "curved" saddle surfece of the side touching the piezo in any Gibson acoustic before, but this are "lessons learned". I am glad that this was the reason which could be fixed easily. I have prepared the new saddle slightly higher and of course with a precisely plane side to the piezo and now the signal from the high e-string is here. Did you ever make similar experiences? Piezos are a little tricky and I expect the fans og Sound hole pickups will confirm this.
  9. The latest purchase is mostly my favorite - until the next purchase follows. Gibson SJ-100 1941 reissue, serial number says it was built in 2013, new guitar from the showroom of Just Music Berlin. I am still waiting for the guitar, it is somewhere on the road. Pictures will follow as soon as I can manage to clear my storage space here in the forum. My intention was to buy the J45 Big Leaf Maple which was hanging next to the SJ100 - a very fine Instrument, too, but the SJ-100 was more interesting at the end. The sales person and the luthier in the store who did a last check and neck setup in my presence both mentioned that it was one of the best guitars in the showroom and liked to play it. And now I have to wait ...
  10. I tried a J45 big leaf maple today in a store in Berlin. Nice sound, string setup quite high, but could be fixed. The flubby pickguard is Lifting at the edges as usual -it is an instrument from 2017. Very rich sound but my maple AJ custom sounds still a litte better for me and the AJ looks better as a full maple guitar for me- but this is just my opinion, a J45 is sunburst ... I would have bought the maple J45 if I would not have the AJ. And I left with a new old stock J 100 1941 from 2013. Was hanging next to the J45 in the showroom. It has the simple bridge, mahagony back and sides and sounds great! Total different to my SJ200, much louder and it has more dynamic. Jinder, there is a older thread from you about your J100. Do you still play it?
  11. That‘ s absolutely clear, I am in the lucky situation that I have two stores selling Gibson acoustics in about 150km distance. No idea why Gibson sales ignores Austria - at least the big cities, I‘m working for an Austrian company and have some ‚Guitar talks‘ with colleagues, but this is not only a Gibson thing. A lot of local, smaller music stores lost their Gibson business years ago and the market for guitars in this price segment is limited. Have fun with your new guitar and do not be surprised if some ‚toga‘ contributions appear. I found a rare Gibson acoustic today in Berlin ... but this will be a new thread - or an old one from Jinder continued
  12. A nice guitar and I‘m shure it plays and sounds good, but maybe there will be some comments why to switch the guitar brand ... ☹️
  13. That´s a real shame! Even high-end amps have quality problems. But - the Compact XL looks nice, 4 kg less weight, but only two channels - and about 1.000 Euro less money. It is interesting that the Compact XL is louder as it has only one 8" speaker. I can understand that you do not want to wait weeks for a repair especially in this price range. Had a smiliar problem some months ago - the brandnew Fender 62 Princeton Chris Stapleton I have bought worked for 5 minutes at home (have tested in the thomann store, everything was working there). The rectifier tube was dead or the power supply of the heater of the rectifier tube. Furtunately thomann had a second one and replaced the Princeton, the new one is working perfect. Powered Speakers - there are so many on the market, if you spend as much money as the AER costs you should get high quality boxes - but mostly a small mixer is necessary. Good luck with the Compact XL!
  14. billroy, I took the prices from the "thomann" Website (www.thomann.de --> there is an English Version to choose), Thomann is the biggest internet store for instruments and equipment in Germany and maybe in Europe with 1.560 employees at the moment, they have a huge store close to the City of Bamberg which I am visiting from time to time - and always come home with new gear ... you know how things go . Back to the amp. The most expensive acoustic amp you find there is the Domino 3 for 2.799 Euro - which is a little more than a new J45 Standard costs in Germany at the moment. AERs cost always more than other acoustic amps (maybe Henriksen is in the same range, but very difficult to buy in Europe), but you see AERs typically together with professionell musicians who need a high grade tool or with amateuer guys who have enough money for a L5 just to play it in some Jazz Jam Sessions. The next "cheaper" acoustic amp in thomann´s list is the L.R.Baggs Synapse - I never had the Chance to see or hear one in reality - it costs 2.399 Euro, followed by the MESA BOOGIE Rosette 300 Two Eight - Jinder has described his experience with I think another version of the Rosette 300 - it costs 1.999 EURO. There is not much choice in this price range, next is AER Domino 2.A with 2x 60 Watts insdead of 2x 100 Watts for 1.799 EURO and the 10" Version of the MESA BOOGIE Rosette - 1.758 EURO. Leaving the AER - MESA BOOGIE field to lower Prices leads to the first Schertler amp - which was mentioned somewhere in this thread. Schertler from Switzerland has an excellent reputation and they build fine things like modular, complete anlog mixers or acoustic amps. The Schertler Roy with 400 Watts and two 8" Speakers costs 1.699 Euro. The next 4 acoustic amps are different AER versions - down to 1.249 Euro. So it is hard to say what could be equivalent as my knowledge of acoustic amps is of course limited. But with the exception of switiching to active PA boxes or "column"-PAs like the BOSE or other typical constructions I have seen nothing with 4 channels and the high power Output of the Domino. One of our Jazz Session L5-pickers even uses a Domino with an effect board for electric guitars if he wants to play other styles than the typicall Wes Montgomery style. I want to hand over the question to other forum members - I am shure there are high end acoustic amps existing which are not known here. Doc
  15. Jinder, Thank you for your report. The Domino 3 is a quite expensive acquisition, is the equivalent value of a nice Gibson acoustic guitar. It should be reliable, at least I have not heard any complaints from the Jazz guitar pickers mentioned above. Doc
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