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  1. Finally I got around to doing some more work on my old Epiphone Sheraton MIK guitar. Firstly I dewaxed the original 57CH bridge & neck pups pups, I probably removed 90% of the wax using a hairdryer & a cardboard eggbox / kitchen towels to soak up all the mess. I was careful not to cause any damage to the coils so left some wax intact. Then I fitted new screw slots & replaced the covers with nickel silver. I kept the original coil wiring / bobbins, spacers & base plates. I was going to do a total rewire but decided to test the modded 57CH pups first. So I just replaced the 57CH bar magnets with Alnico 2 for the neck & Alnico 4 for the bridge. I decided to mod the 57CH's after reading this thread. There's plenty of information on how to do this online. https://www.aguitarforum.com/threads/rehabilitating-epiphone-57ch-g-waxbuckers-de-waxed-a2-magnets-50s-wiring-sound-tests.94817/ Afterwards I managed to make & install a new vintage 1960's style wiring harness, using braided pullback wire, CTS pots, Switchcraft toggle switch & jack socket, Orange Drop 0.022uf caps. I followed the instructions here. If you can solder OK it's not that hard. You can use 1950's / 1960's or modern wiring, there's a slight difference in the cap wiring connections. https://www.sixstringsupplies.co.uk/how-to-wire-an-es-335 The first time I fitted it I had problems as the dental floss pulling the harness into the holes got all messed up, 2nd try it worked fine. I adjusted the Sheraton pup / screw bolts height, played both pups, neck sounds great, with the bridge having a Chuck Berry / Rockabilly jangle when dialled in with the tone control . I was expecting to have to do a pickup rewind but was surprised how good they sounded. The readings on the pups were, neck 7.5K, bridge 7.75K. I had previously had a Gibson '57 Classic in the neck that I used for another guitar, but I reckon the 57CH pups can sound just as good. It's possible you could just do a dewax & fit some nickel covers / or just take the covers off & that might be enough to get the 57CH pups sounding better. The vintage style wiring harness perhaps makes a real difference, but that's a more expensive process than just swapping magnets & covers. Previously I had fitted a new nickel bridge & stopbar on my original thread here.
  2. Gotoh bridge / tailpiece fitted, pic, below. I've got a P90 Leosounds in the bridge, Gibson '57 Classic neck. I had a problem with one of the pups cutting out but managed to properly solder back the pot backside wires firmly. I don't have any washers on the underside of the pot holes, are there supposed to be tooth washers fitted to stop the pots moving? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers IMG_20180727_155255564
  3. Managed to fit the Gotoh stop tailpiece, the supplied bushings were also too small to fit the epi holes by about 1mm so I cleaned off the original epi bushing gold plating with Brasso & fitted those back on instead. Strange how they fit fine with the M8 screw bolts but the bushings are different diameters? So the Gotoh bridge / Gotoh stop bridge fits the Epi's with the 74mm & 82mm spacing. You'll just need to use the original bushings & remove the gold plate if you are choosing nickle or chrome parts. Don't waste money on new bushings like I did! Gotoh GE103B Bridge Gotoh GE101Z Tailpiece Sounds much better & even looks much better.
  4. I managed to remove the old Gold bushings without damage for the bridge & stop tailpiece using an cut down piece of old rubber hose pipe & a large washer! I've also ordered the Gotoh tailpiece to go with the Gotoh bridge, colour nickle. Waiting for the post to arrive now. Gotoh tailpiece So my Gotoh bridge has arrived, I've put the bushings in, but they are too loose, 0.75mm less diameter than the original Epi's! So I decided to swap back the originals instead of wrecking the guitar wood. A bit of Brasso metal polish wadding got rid of the gold on the original bushings, very little difference between the Gotoh nickle bridge posts & the Epi bushings now. Quick tap with a mallet & scrap wood & they're fitted tight. The Gotoh bridge fits perfectly. Still waiting for the Gotoh tailpiece though.......!
  5. Hi, My Sheraton 2002 Samick bridge saddles have badly worn down & my guitar is starting to sound like a bad sitar! I've read & searched for replacement bridge options, but most discussion is regarding the earlier 80's / 90's Sherry "harmonica" bridges which look different & seem to have different distances from the centre of the bridge posts. My Sherry bridge is around 74mm approximate distance from post centres, the stopbar tailpiece is 82mm so it appears the sizes are different between the earlier Korean '00's & '80's /'90's bridges / tailpieces. I'm wondering if these sizes are closer to ABR-1 / Tuneomatic's? So the ABR-1 post slots are 73.66mm / 73.44 apart on various brands of ABR-1's maybe these would work with M8 to ABR-1 post converters? My link My link I'll attach a pic of my Sherry bridge below. IMG_20180718_193351465 I've taken a chance on the GOTOH GE103B, 74mm post spacing with M8 bushings / mounts. If it doesn't fit I'll try some conversion posts / redrill the bushing holes!
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