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  1. Pawnshop got took and you're upset I get it but the FBI?!?! lol thats a lottle outta hand. However, i'm curious as to what the give aways are about the guitar that it isn't real?
  2. Thank you so much for that! I had been to that website, but it (like gibsons serials) was kind of confusing to go through. I appreciate the help Jim!
  3. Hey whats up guys, 27/m/michigan here looking to contribute to this awesome forum. I'm new here. I'm just trying to get my approved post....
  4. I have this old Gibson ES125 and I've had a lot of trouble coming up with a year? Most everything i read said the serial should start with a letter? I figured i'd post up a few pictures and see if anyone would be gracious enough to help me out. If you need anything else from me, I have a ton of pictures of it.
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