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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My photo here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Corsair1

  2. That's a stunning looking Les Paul /SG. I envy you. I'm a beginner with serial numbers but wouldn't this be a 2000 guitar and not 2010? Chris
  3. The Corsair was a car my Dad owned when I was young, one which I was very fond of. Coincidentally, as part of the Wales Air Show a few weeks ago some vintage planes took to the sky. One of which, so I was told, was a Corsair. I do like old planes but don't know enough about them to call myself an enthusiast. I'd love to go for a flight in a Spitfire but think it might be on the ruinous side of expensive. I've driven a Triumph Spitfire and been a passenger in a Ford Corsair many times. I've yet to go for a blast in a Mustang. Must put that to rights at some point! Chris
  4. Thanks for your reply Pip. I now know I'm on the right track when trying to date these guitars. Both ads have now disappeared so I won't bother trying to contact Gibson. Thanks again, Chris
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I've just tried using the guitar dater project to check the serial numbers but neither were recognised. It doesn't seem to cover the Custom Shop guitars sadly. I've had a reply to my post on the Instrument ID and information section though. This confirms that the serial numbers from both guitars don't match the year claimed in the ads. Thanks again, Chris
  6. Hello, My name is Chris and I'm from Wales, UK. I've been playing guitar (badly) for around 35 years and love guitars, amps and classic cars. I think it's fair to say that my enthusiasm for guitars far exceeds my ability to play Over the decades I've owned dozens of guitars. My first Gibson was a '72 SG which I bought around 1986. It was the first guitar I owned that had a low action and slim neck. It played like a dream. It had been resprayed black and looked quite good except the Gibson inlay had become a bit smudged with the paint. About 18 months later I part ex'd the SG for a '76 Explorer. I remember the first time I plugged it in at home after buying it. The tone was similar to the SG but it seemed to have more sustain. As the years went by, I began to realise that there weren't many Explorers around. Some time in the '90s, I think, Gibson launched the 76 reissue Explorer. Some time later, I realised that 1976 was the first year Gibson relaunched the Explorers. I read somewhere though that a few were made in the early '70s for promotional purposes. Many years have passed and I still have the Explorer. My thoughts are now turning to getting an SG again. I've seen a couple of stunning looking Custom Shop '61 reissue Les Paul/SGs in white for sale on the web recently. They both seem to have serial numbers that don't match the year claimed in the ads though. I've posted some questions in the Instrument ID and information section but realised I should have introduced myself first here. I apologise for my faux pas and hope this makes amends. There seems to be a lot of useful and interesting information available on this site. The tips on improving playing should be of use to me. I hope to be taking part in these forums more in the future. All the very best, Chris
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum and wonder if you'd be able to help please. There are currently two Custom Shop Les Paul/SG 61 Custom reissues for sale in the UK and I'm interested in buying one of them. They both have 6 digit serial numbers. I was under the impression that the first two digits represent the year of manufacture but I could be completely wrong. The serial number for one is 023161. This is advertised as a 2006 guitar. The serial number for the second is 010751. This is advertised as a 2010 guitar. Would you be able to confirm when they were made please and that they are both white Les Paul/SG Custom 61 reissues. If you have any advice on what other checks should be made before buying an expensive second hand guitar online it would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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