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  1. Thank you. I'll stick with the usual suspects: Craigs List, Reverb, and AGF to post my K and K equipped, bone nut and pins, hand picked by Paul at Music Villa in Bozeman 2018 J-45 Standard with Elixer Medium Lights and a recent set up $1900 shipped. Scot
  2. I apologize in advance if there is an obvious answer to this question, but I don't see a marketplace link where we could post Gibson guitars for sale. Yes, I am frequently one of the 10% that doesn't get the word. Scott
  3. Hi i'm Anna.

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  4. After listening to several comparisons of the TV with a stock model the DO/CFO of the house and I agreed we liked the sound of the base version better for my purposes as there is no realistic banjo threat in my immediate area of responsibility. Played five different examples at Big Store X and Big Store Y yesterday. They were all over the map quality wise until the last one. Bingo. Price was not terribly flexible. Called Paul at Music Villa in Bozeman.(I was there for an acoustic festival in June and spent some time in the shop. He was the one who introduced me to the J45 after I was jonesing over a Collng$ but was balking at the CODB.) He played a few of them in his store, picked one out, and is sending it to me for a trial period. Talking money in public is gauche. Suffice to say...it was way better. They are also swapping the pickups and including a bone nut and saddle for bit more. Will take it all back if me no like, but I'll be very surprised if I don't. Therefore the reported TV on Reverb is now officially available. Woulda been keener on it if the owner had responded to any of my messages. Must be busy with other life issues. Anybody want a very nice example of a Taylor 414? Cheers Scott
  5. Thanks for all the replies. How do I tell if it is an adirondack top? Did these guitars have the v neck of the newer TV and more recent Vintage models? Thanks Scott
  6. Blue case shiny finish. Still waiting on picks of headstock rear and neck profile. At the risk of losing the deal to another seeker it’s on a Reverb. You can send me a 10 per cent finders fee.
  7. So here I am. Returned to guitar after a 10 year layoff in January. Grabbed a Martin 000-15sm to get started with. Dove head first into the learning process via an on line community, leading a jam club, did an open mic, etc. Really like the J45 sound and feel when I find a good one. Short scale and slope design fits me. Think it will make a tre excellent flat picker/rock and roller/country blues box. On the hunt for a True Vintage model, pre baked top. Or a Banner J42 re-issue, although the large neck gives me pause. Played one at Maple Street, A/B'ed it against a 12 fret clear D-28. The sales guy(who is also one of my instructors) and I both agreed I played the Banner better then the Martin. And the sound was more what I was looking for. Thanks Scott Woodstock, GA
  8. First hello and I'm glad to be here. Buying my first Gibson. Being careful about models and identifications. Looking at a guitar as a 2007 J-45"True Vintage" and described as having an adi top (the description is in the 'cut and paste" section, not the sellers description. The show photos the banner, the serial number sticker, and the white button tuner. Also included is a photo of the final inspection sheet with a "model number" and the date it was inspected. I called Gibson with the serial number and model. They indicated it was a standard J45 per the information they had. They also suggested I get a pic of the back of the headstock to see if there was a "custom shop" brand, and to see if the tuners are the vintage style. I also asked for a profile view of the neck to see if the profile is the V or the standard J45 neck shape. Haven't arrived yet. My perusing this board indicates that early in the "True Vintage" run, Gibson used both Adi and Sitka, and didn't use hide glue. It included vintage tuners, a banner on the headstock, and maybe the vintage neck. There were no other mods to the build. True or false? Later, ALL the TV's had Adi tops, wood glue, and a v neck. So: How do I confirm the build on this particular guitar? Is it possible Gibson had a limited run of otherwise stock J45's that had bling only for a vintage look? Thanks
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