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  1. I have 2011 SG with the PCB and the bridge pickup sounded weak. As I always replace pickups no problem. I installed my David Allen Powerage pups and the neck was incredible but the bride sounded weak which is not typical. So re-adjust pups hight all the norm settings still huge difference in tone. My tech recommended just traditional wireing and to pull the pcb. which I did and whoah what a difference. Might be faster for Gibson but making good stuff isn't about speed its quality. Im no fan of the newer way Gibson is doing their factory installs, I would bet if anybody did the same they also would notice better tone. Some things in my opinion don't need upgrade I do like the plug in idea which you don't need a pcb to do so.Heres a suggestion how about lower prices and better quality??
  2. Thanks for the responses... been a great help...My amp settings for most part I play clean treble 4, Bass 7,mids 5, presence 6, clean channel played at 30 watts. Channel 2 15watts. I use a dunlap wah pedel, Keeley Modded tube screamer levals @ half overdrive at about4, boss chorus occasionally. I dont get this out of my other guitars I believe its probably just the nature of these pups in it. I'm going to replace caps and put some CTS 500k volume pots in it. Last resort will be replacing pups with some lollars. Unless anybody has any other suggestions
  3. I have a 2005 Gibson Firebird. I love the guitar. Clean it rivals a strat very easily. My issue is when adding overdrive or distortion. My Firebird sounds very scratchy when I do. I have not noticed this in my other guitars. Besides the obviouse tone changes to the amp(mesa lonestar special) Has anybody had this issue and how did you get around it? Change pickups? If so what kind. Caps or pot changes? What kind of caps if so. I figure my Firebird just has some indegestion that needs fixing so any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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