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  1. I appreciate all your valuable answers, I was feeling great with it, i wasn't thinking about the stain lately, however, i made a second change of strings last week, i removed the plastic from the pickguard i was very careful, i removed the waste of rusted strings and that kind of things, just with a cloth, for the pickups i had a brush nearby, one that I use for my keyboard, just a small plastic brush, really soft, i used for the small places where i can't get in, like the bridge, when I came to this little part between the end of the neck and the pick up plate i gently swept and then i look closer to see if there was no more dirt And i looked this, i didn't pay attention before i swept, just after, the right extreme isn't on the best finish neither That really discouraged me. I know it will be better to try to send back the guitar, but i don't think it would be that easier, since guitar shops made a lot of exceptions for warranty, wouldn't be easy to find the same model i guess, i had a lot of good wishes with this guitar and i don't wanna turn it into a bad dream like emotional wasting process. Besides that i love the guitar, feels great, sounds great, no buzz or any other issue, i post this to know if someone have found this thing on the neck, remind is a granadilla rosewood, i also attached the papers, thanks
  2. Hi i bought flying v in alpine white, it came with a stain on the back of the body, the store says they received like this and might be caused due the protect case. It was the lastmodel they have and i really want this colour The stain is even hardly to see, and it's not apreciatable on photos It's all over the left side, the thing on the right outside the box its just a thing from camera It's not like a yellowy stain that might cause the case, its darker, as if it is discolored, like if you left a adhesive tape for a period and then take it off I have tried to clean it just with a wet cloth overall its a good guitar but i'm afraid the paint go worse Is this a typical thing on white models and the range of quality?
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