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  2. This is a 2018 update. In trying to find strings for the Synapse TranScale Six String Guitars. As most know, the TranScale strings are different. The full scale length for Transcale guitar is 28 5/8 inches (727 mm). Following the advice of André Toscano (andretoscano) - I contacted Max at Pyramid Strings (Pyramid@Junger.de). - I gave him the Steinberger specs for the strings: http://audiolog.pt/stuff/transcale_strings.pdf and selected the Transcale Standard strings (see below for the three different types*). - Current rate is 11.06 Euros plus shipping. They do ship to the US too. Around six weeks turnaround time. Thanks André for your 2015 research! Three years later it is still good! * Different factory string sets: Transcale Standard Light: 6th (0.046), 5th (0.036), 4th (0.026), 3rd (0.017), 2nd (0.013), 1st (0.010) Transcale Standard, with wound 3rd string: 6th (0.048), 5th (0.038), 4th (0.028), wound 3rd (0.017), 2nd (0.013), 1st (0.010) Transcale Baritone, with wound 3rd string: 6th (0.068), 5th (0.052), 4th (0.038), wound 3rd (0.026), 2nd (0.016), 1st (0.012)
  3. The Steinberger Synapse TranScale with the capo off is usually tuned down to D. Thus for E you have the Capo on the 2nd Fret. Strings have been an issue to find.
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