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  1. Sorry childofman for my late answer. :( I hope you have purchased the guitar. If not, do not wait. I owned exactly the same 339 from the same year and I can tell you that it was an amazing guitar. ( I Now own an ES359 ) I sold mine 1400 French Euros two years ago and it was a bargain for the happy guy who bought it. Nowadays the 339 have seen their features improved a little but the price has jumped toward the sky. With your 1000€ you will even not be able to buy a 339 studio, which does not play in the same field as the original 339. The 339 from these times really was a small size 33
  2. Hi Guys another Musician playing one of our beautiful small size ESss is presently touring in Europe Ronnie Baker Brooks ( Lonnie BROOKS son) The sound of his 336 is amazing ( but we all already knew that? ) THis guy is just amazing, a lot of videos on Youtube have been taken in France. His guitar is a bit "disco" decorated as you will see Enjoy
  3. Having owned a 339 and now 359 I would advice to stay with 10 I have tried several other gauges but either it did not fit well in the slot or the original sound of these guitars was forever lost. I Guess that it would be the same with the 335 and my 339 was the hollow equvalent of the 390 SO .10 for ever
  4. Hi ES addicts last Saturday I saw Ronnie Backer Brooks on his European Tour here in Lyons France This guy is Lonnie Brooks' son. HE really is a great bluesman and I enjoyed every minute of the show. Althought he is often shown with a Fender strat, I was very happy because he plaid a small black 335. After the show at signature time I could exchange a few words with him, it appears that his guitar is a 336 customized with glittering disco hardware, as you can see on this video On this tune he can get a clean "Lucille" sound No need to say the sound was amazing. The guy
  5. Bernie69

    Mfg date

    So then you must have an ébony fretboard, as mine is richlite! I had the 30/60 neck on my 339, the Lucille is almost as slim. By the way an artist named Ronnie Backer Brooks must play in a festival in the Lyons area (FRANCE) and I'll certainly go and see him. It seems that he plays a 339 have you heard of him? Ronnie Baker Brooks video with 339? how can he get this BBKING sound????
  6. Bernie69

    Mfg date

    I agree, I saw my first ES339 in 2007. But the ES359 necks have never been 30/60 as they sport a Lucille neck, a bit ( only a bit) fatter
  7. Hi Claude I am an ES359 owner and I definitely recommend the 10-46 Gibson Vintage pure Nickels. They sound amazing with classic 57 pups for blues with this growling sound clean or with overdrive, and are perfect with a warm sound for Jazz on the Neck Pick up. I did not like the factory fitted "Brit wire" too bright and for Jazz I have tried flat strings it killed all the harmonics and beware=do not use gauges bigger than 10-46 they do not fit in the nut and bridge slots!! Enjoy your CS336; ( and send us pics
  8. Yes if you accurately compare 1KG bread 1KG pasta and 1 KG cheese ; NO for Gibsons guitars (very expensive the KG of wood and wires specially here with the present dollar/euro change)
  9. Hi Iam the happy owner of an ES359 and I have used my scale for you! The weight is 3.5 french KG = 7.7 pounds, God I have also realized how fat I'm getting ! I also suffer from backache from time to time. It's OK if you play seated, if not and if you like the size and shape of the guitar ( how can we dislike it ?) you should consider the ES390 the same shape but completly hollow. best wishes
  10. Hi! the choice of the epi joe Pass to start Jazz is a very good one. I did the same choice some years ago , coming also from the acoustic world, and this guitar was so comfortable ( size, neck) that I adapted to it very quickly, and it opened to me the doors of the Electric guitar world because after some more years I moved towards the semi acoustic world quite easily( ES 335 family) . About the bridge, I liked the original one, I thought that it added some more woody sustain , specially on the bluesy bends. So congrats dfor your choice, the best you could have done
  11. The new ES349 is equipped with them. It's the mini ES345
  12. Hi guys a small batch of 2015 ES models( fresh from the factory + 3 weeks travel throught the atlantic is available now in France and I have been lucky enough as to put my hands on a brand new ES349 at my local dealer's shop. Once again, a new small size ES and once again a lovely guitar . Basically it's a 339 but with the same gold hardware as the 349 and a striking 60s cherry allowing to see the wood veins (there are plenty), the result is splendid .The pups are also vintage , I think close to C57s. To me the great difference in playing is the change of frets, i've been waiting
  13. hi guys, once again I need your help what pedal would you recommend for my ES359 with classic 57s I have a solid state Laney 65W amp with an analog reverb, I'm in search of a crunchy sound suitable for blues; and I'm a bit lost between all the available overdrive/saturation boxes what do I need and what model do you recommend used or new at a reasonable price ???
  14. Hi guys, I agree on the fact that the resale price should not be affected by the richlite fretboard, I'm pretty sure that guitars are a not good investment they are usually sold half the price you paid for it, and by then you'll have many scratches on it!! The only point here is : richlite or not ? I personally have Richlite on my 359 ( I did not know what Richlite was when I bought it) and I now I miss the real ebony for aging reasons: the Richlite will stay like new for ever but have you ever seen the beauty of an old ebony frteboard on a violin or gypsy guitar ??? just amazing
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